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  1. Who really knows! I've literally heard people call Link "Zelda" before and be dead serious about it. So anything's possible.
  2. Haha, this made me laugh a little. Thankfully, no. That would be Yoko Ono you're thinking about, not Shimomura.
  3. What's your opinion on when 2.8 will release? I personally don't expect it to show up until winter next year as was the case for 2.5
  4. Thank you both! ^^And yes, I'm so excited, and sad at the same time!
  5. Of course, Marluxia is at the top of the list for me. But out of the rest of them, I would like to see a Larxene one. I could always be wrong, but I don't feel like the other three would have lesser nobodies since they aren't a part of the organization anymore (so far that I've seen). I would also find it interesting to see a (if the lesser nobodies correspond to the new organization members) Young Xehanort one, or Xehanort one in general.
  6. Uh, hi guys! I'm still new here, and I wanted to make my first topic (besides my introduction topic). So I decided to share a piece of art I did for the upcoming Mockingjay part 2. Don't know if there are any fans on here, but I wanted to share anyway. Obviously not Kingdom Hearts related, so I hope it's okay if I posted this here .o. Painting of Katniss I did based off of one of the many posters for the movie.
  7. Oh, I didn't mean that it was a for sure thing, I just meant that there's always the possibility.
  8. Everyone needs to practice a bit of patience, I believe. There's Jump Festa to go right? (Next month if I'm correct). That's not very long to wait for another possibility at more information. And If nothing else KH (as far as info goes) comes out by the end of this year, at least we know that 2.8 is for sure coming out next year. That, i'm sure, will be able to hold us over until KH3. I do admit that I am a bit upset that the new trailers weren't released to the public, but there are plenty of other things I could be doing to occupy my time as I wait.
  9. This makes the most sense to me. I mean, I know I'd be pretty pissed if i paid for the event and then come to find out I could have just gotten the info for free a bit later.
  10. *Xemnas voice* "Oh, Kingdom Hearts! You are becoming increasingly harder to obtain!"
  11. Karasu3


    Thank you! ^^. Glad to be here!
  12. Perhaps the Lightning Saga is bigger possibility now, as they have removed the first to games from PS Now. I find that rather odd though.
  13. A classic! I'd have to say the best part of the show is the end of the Dark Tournament Saga through Chapter Black. Kurama is my favorite character because we are very similar IRL. The show has a pretty bittersweet ending to me, because it has the rare power of making you feel like your a part of the show, growing with the characters (which I love in a series), making it hard to say "goodbye" to them in the end!
  14. Karasu3


    Thanks! And yeah, I guess I have a pretty close attatchment to it cuz it was the first FF I tried
  15. Karasu3


    Hello, and thank you! ^^
  16. Karasu3


    Nice to meet everyone! Let's see, I'm not really good at introductions ^^; I've been a KH fan ever since the first one came out, but believe it or not, didn't get the chance to actually play one of the games until 2011! (Just never got a PS2 until then). I played the first one that summer, and within two months, I had played all of the games up to that point. I've been on this site since then, keeping up with news and such, but now i'm finally getting around to making an account so I can socialize and be more active in the community! ^^ As you can tell by my icon, i'm a big Final Fantasy XIII fan! (Don't hit me for it! O.O). i'm also a big anime fan. For hobbies (besides gaming), I like to draw and write, and I also read a lot too. I don't really know what else to put here, so I guess i'm done ^^;
  17. I know, I mean the English version. Yes, I agree, I just meant it would be nice to be able to play them on PS Now in the mean time until they release a port for the PS4.
  18. Now if only they'd hurry up and put LR on PS Now, at least until they create a HD version for PS4.
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