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  1. Sorry man, like I said new to this thing. I'll do better research next time!
  2. Thanks for the feed back guys! =) it means a lot! But it looks like Flaming Lea has the actual answer. An interview i missed that is pretty obvious I guess Oh well, i thought i had something going there for a bit. Sorry again =)
  3. Awe, come on! Did you really read that whole thing in under 2 minutes of me posting it! I put links to videos proving my point! It would have taken longer than to respond to my post than just 2 minutes! But yes he was receiving training from Yen-Sid while Sora and Riku were taking their test, but he said he had (and had been using) keyblade before he went to rescue Sora from Xehanort because and i quote "You know, I was gonna come swoopin in, keyblade in hand" thus summoning his keyblade. And ultimately impressing everyone including Yen-Sid who is shocked at the sight of it. Therefor, not gifted to him through Yen-Sid, but somehow inherited through young Terra years ago!
  4. Okay so this is my first post/theory on this subject let alone this site. I’ve written a couple articles about this on Tumblr but I’d rather put my information on a site that actually matters! Now this may include some spoilers to those who have not played through Birth By Sleep, and this shouldn’t concern anyone who hasn’t played Dream Drop Distance due to the fact of the spoiler in the title. I would also like to include that I am sorry if someone else has covered this (I’ve never blogged before so) but I have my own spin on this theory that I saw others had mentioned. I just figured why not go into an in-depth study on the subject that I’ve concluded over years of playing through the series multiple times. Now, before we get started I will be implementing links to YouTube videos to jog some “unchained memories” (intentional pun) if players have forgotten some important scenes backing my theory. Ergo, more like citations in a research paper, I don’t own the videos, but will display them to back up my theory. I think that’s all I can warn you about, now let’s get down to business. (unintentional pun) Let’s start with the origin of this theory. The first video suggested to watch would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVaHk-3geQg, provided by KH13’s YouTube channel “Old KINGDOM HEARTS channel”. In this video we see the way-finder trio training, and after Ventus gets his butt kicked by Terra, our three keyblade wielders sit down and have a chat about dreams and fluid body motions. In this important flashback, we see Terra give the keyblade oath over what soon becomes Ventus’ training weapon and keepsake. (Insert Heavy Breathing Cat here) That training, wooden, what some might think useless keyblade, is now enchanted so that whoever holds it, its wielder they shall one day be. Now assuming that this blessing only rubs off on the first person to use it, the blessing would rub off on Ventus. But our boy Ven can already wield a keyblade, therefor the blessing stays intact until someone who hasn’t come in contact with such a weapon can be bestowed with the power. And who would that lucky person be? Que video two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvl_7OLug7Y taken from Youtuber “xxKHxx23 = New Channel!!” where we can see who inherits the keyblades’ blessing. In the first thirty seconds you can see that Lea picks up the keyblade, swings it around a bit, and the pact is sealed. Way to go Lea!! You just accidentally become a keyblade wielder! That will help you in the years to come, just like a lot of other characters in this game. But wait! Doesn’t someone else encounter this keyblade? Neverland ring any bells? As you see in this video by “Joshua Orro” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlf8Y-PU1hY, (Check the 9:30 minute mark till end) the training keyblade is left in a chest with a bunch of other relics that are special to Ventus, Peter Pan and the lost boys. Does this mean we can expect them to be running around with keyblades? Simply put, no. Why? No one is shown grabbing the keyblade in that cut scene, and even if someone did years down the road, the blessing is gone. From the way it looks, once the blessing of the keyblade oath is bestowed to someone, the enchantment is lifted from the keyblade and cannot return unless it becomes somehow re-enchanted. And since it looks like a keyblade can only obtain the blessing from a master, that doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon. Or maybe it’s a one time thing all together, maybe once it’s been used on a certain keyblade, it can never be used again for the same purpose, on the same keyblade. Either way, praise God that we wont be seeing the Neverland crew running around with such a weapon. In conclusion, it seems like that’s all there is to it! I hope you all enjoyed the read, and I actually have another post that will coincide with this one concerning Terra being an unofficial master. That of which I wanted to include in this post! But I worry it has become too long and people will stop reading half way through. If I missed anything or did something wrong feel free to inform me, as this is my first post, and I look forward to getting feedback. I hope that you all have a great day, and just know how important you all are, for we are the only ones that can fight back the darkness.
  5. Ive viewed this site forever, i think its about time i become a member!

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