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  1. Haha Loved your reaction! I literally screamed in class when I saw Spidey make an appearance. So excited for the movie! :'D
  2. What do you guys think about the new trailer? Spiderman made an entrance at the end and there's lots of different opinions towards how he looks. What do you guys think? I personally am super excited!! :'D
  3. Hey girl! Thanks for the add ^^

  4. Heyy welcome! I'm still pretty new as well so we could be awkward together (:
  5. Hey best friend (; welcome!
  6. Hahaha welcome to kh13 my 13 year old too young of a cousin.
  7. Hey thanks for the add ^^ hope we get along! I'm Naz (for short) so Um nice to meet you! Lol

  8. Hey Demyx, do you have some water? 'Cause you set my heart on fire (;
  9. i hope unchained X releases soon. I still can't decide on which Union to join tho loll decisions C:

    1. WakingDawn96


      Well I can't decide to start with Conquest or Birthright Fire Emblem games. I am going to play both eventually, but I don't know which to get first when I get the money for it.

    2. Kaweebo


      Unchained X should have released last year.

  10. I cried so much at the ending of final fantasy X when I was younger lol it was just so sad to me! Still makes me cry tbh
  11. Hell yeah you can! We'll try our best to help you through it! (:
  12. Wow! Just wanted to say Thank you for noticing my clever and sassy username. You're like the first! Lol Nazz is also short for my name so nice to meet you Key and thank you for the welcome! (:

  13. Thanks for the add! :D Hope you have a great time here ;)

    1. Kissmynazz


      Thank you so much! (: no problem ^^

  14. Thanks for the friend add! :D Again, welcome to the site. ^^

    1. Kissmynazz


      No problem, thank you for the kind words! ~ :D

    2. Yuya Sakaki
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