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  1. Yeah, I crushed on Timon, Kovu, Lumiere, Max Goof (OMG I forgot to add Goof Troop to the list!), Double D, umm... wow I had a LOT of childhood crushes!
  2. Heck yeah! Timon was my childhood crush!
  3. Off the top of my head in no particular order: Darkwing Duck DuckTales Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers Talespin Angry Beavers Rocko's Modern Life Hey Arnold The Rugrats Rocket Power Dexter's Laboratory Courage the Cowardly Dog Powerpuff Girls Ed Edd & Eddy Johnny Bravo Sagwa Dragon Tales Cyber Chase The Berenstein Bears Seven Little Monsters Aaah! Real Monsters That's all I can think of...
  4. Wow! We both have written a lot! Funny thing, as big of a KH fan as I am, I have yet to write a KH fanfic. Although, I have had an idea on the back burner where it's just several one shots of the everyday life of Organization XIII. I had a bunch of ideas too like them getting a computer and discovering the internet. Maybe have Xemnas come up with a crack pot plan to steal hearts via YouTube or something ridiculous. And another one where the entire Organization (minus Larxene and Lexaus) have an all out prank war, and it goes a bit too far! Man, I wanna write that fanfic now... Yeah, I've been a fan since 2010 when it came out. Pinkie and Flutters are adorable, but my favorites are Luna and Discord!!!
  5. That's so cool! What stories have you written? I would like to read them! And, Yeah, I have a few fanfictions on my account on Fanfiction.net. One of them I wrote in high school, and has been discontinued. Another one is a big project I am working on. (Although I haven't updated in over a month! ) Another one is a fun side project that I work on when I'm not writing my main project. (I need to update that too!) And one is a guilty pleasure fanfic featuring one of my OTPs that doesn't get much love I'm afraid... I also have some stories on FIMfiction, although I haven't logged in in like a year! I'm really bad about doing that! That day we see the end of the Xehanort saga shall arrive soon! And WE WILL BE READY!!!!!!
  6. I LOVE D&D!!!! I played it all the time in my one year of college! It's an RPG without the game console!!!! One time our party went to a tavern and one of the dwarves wanted to start a fight. She rolled a low number so all she did was yell at some random dude, and fall face first on the floor! Good times!
  7. Thanks, I'm a bit of a writer. I know right? Whether it's a release date or gameplay footage KH fans everywhere will be excited to see progress being made. I think everyone is just tickled pink on the fact that it's being worked on! We will finally see the conclusion we have waited over a decade for, and that alone is worth celebrating! I think it will be bigger than Christmas and New Years combined when the game comes out! Yeah, someday!
  8. Dogs are evil! They eat up your 1.5 remix art book while you sleep! The only consolation is that the game in the case was one of my dad's and not mine!!!

  9. Thanks. I have a way with words when I want to. The excitement for the game is indeed uncanny! I think we all will be at the edge of our seats this E3 in hopes for a release date! I'm more than likely going to be one of those people who will preorder, and then camp out outside a Game Stop because I'll be that excited! I would like to have a whole closet just for cosplay someday! That would be epic!
  10. The off-key singing in the background makes this video all the more hilarious!
  11. I have to agree with you. I love long RPGs. Short RPGs just feel unfinished to me... But that's just me.
  12. The day it releases will be magical. We will think back to all the years of waiting in silence, and know that it will be worth it. We will look back on the sheer anticipation we felt each year as E3 rolls around thinking "Maybe this year will be the year we get a release date.", and know that all that waiting wont be in vain. We will know that all of our patient and impatient moments alike would eventually lead us up to that moment when we finally have a copy of it in our hands! We will stroke the case, and study the box art for a minute or two just to savor the moment. And then... we put the game in the console. Then our minds will collectively explode as KH fans outside of Japan will simultaneously play the game for the first time. That moment, my friend, will go down in video game history. And we will all know that the wait will truly be worth it... Just think, there are people who travel from convention to convention just to cosplay! I wanna lead that life!
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