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  1. Yes, I`m excited, too. I really want to see Sato in this Anime (we only saw a reality-like photo of her in the DR2 game).And I hope that we will see the outcoming of this, too and what happened to the involved characters after that incident, too. I`m curios what comes after the twilight case, too.
  2. I`m interested in both Danganronpa 3 Arc´s, but more in the Despair Arc, too. ^_^I really want to know how Junko manipulated/brainwashed all the DR2-characters and what exactly caused it to fell into despair (and in love with her). I know from some free time events some possibilities, but I want to confirm it in the DR3 Anime.I hope that not everyone in DR2 is in love with Junko. (I don´t like her. I like Mukuro and hope we can see her in this Arc, too. ^^) Maybe we can get to know Junko and Mukuro´s story/past and why they fell into despair in the first place and what caused Junko to be like she is now.I´m curios to know the mystery/secrets of Junko and all the hidden mysteries of the school/Hope´s Peak Academy, too (since this anime is the conclusion of it). I hope we get to know the mysterious fate of Chiaki and the detailed ending of DR2 (if they wake up again and what will they do after that).I wish for a good ending, but then again this is Danganronpa, so it can be the opposite (I hope not).Anyway I´m excited to see what happens next in the DR3 anime. It´s interesting and thrilling. ^^
  3. I recommend these Animes :smile: : Luck and Logic Divine Gate Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Musaigen No Phantom World Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Fate / Zero Fate /stay night Unlimited Blade Works
  4. I hope everything will be alright ^^

  5. I don`t think Lea should die, because his story isn`t over and it has some mysteries to clear yet (such as his plan/agenda with Isa in BBS and 358/2 Days and the way he became a Nobody and his reason to join Organization XIII). To be honest I didn`t like (his actions as) Axel in Chain of Memories & KH2 and it was not fair that he got all the spotlight / more screentime as the other members in Organization XIII (and reappeared after been defeated while others don´t) at first, but later when I got more in the story (in Days, BBS & DDD) and then I changed my mind and I´m more interested/curious about him that I was before. (And I like his friendship with others, especially Isa) ^^ I think that he is importent to the story and has a strong desire to friendships (that he care for his friends, he would even die for his friends and his catchphrase "got it memorized" shows that he don´t want to be forgotten by them, maybe it has something to do with his past).And I read in an interview from Nomura that his story/past is sad and that you will cry if you know it. So I´m sure he is a valuable character and someone who should be saved, too. Since Kingdom Haerts is about friendship and I´m glad that no one really died in KH like other series (Game of Thrones & RWBY).I hope that he (and Isa, Terra and the other good guys) will stay alive until the end. ^^Lea is a cool character and (one of) the moodmaker in KH (I like Lea more than Axel ^^). So I hope to see more of him and his story in KH3 (and a happy end for him and his friends) !!!
  6. I hope for Sora + Kairi and Aqua + Terra.
  7. It`s an interesting Plottwist... since Xehanort is/was always the bad/evil guy.Then he would remind me of Demon Spade from Katekyo Hitman Reborn and the time-travel would be like Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle... ^^But I would like to see him as the one that seeks power more than anything else, because it makes him a typical bad guy (like in the movies) and want to control everything for his own reasons (what for reasons is still unknown, so surprise me with that ^^).When it still comes to this plottwist, then I would be surprised and I change my view about him (a little), too.
  8. - not a happy ending for all the good characters- not all questions/secrets be answered/revealed about Xehanort & Co. + incident about Heartless/Nobody that caused 10 years ago (since KH3 is the final Saga of Xehanort)- the people who suffered/torment, because of Xehanort (and being tricked/manipulated/brainwashed by him) not being saved (like Terra, Aqua,Ventus and Isa)- not enough background information and character development about the original KH - Charakters- Sora + Kairi not being a couple- Plotholes- no new FF Characters
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