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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. It only spawns 12pm and 7 pm pacific time. (3 and 10 pm est) it is in the event tab.
  2. Hey, i'm not in Vulpes but what you can do is create a new account (You will need to make a new one anyway, as part of the recovery process.) and have that account join Vulpes and search for your party. Good luck!
  3. Try unmounting and removi g your sd card while you install it?
  4. It would be helpful if you listed the partys core(hardcore, softcore, casual) and the approximate number of people in it, the party's rank, and manual/auto invite. Also, since you will need a new account to be overridden (most likely) it shouldnt be too much trouble to make a new account to find the party with. Definitely link to facebook or just make a facebook for the game in the future though.
  5. It's just a grind. You need heal and defense up(use the santa sora). We had the same boss on story mode not too long ago. Anyway, much easier to deal with than the marluxia b final quest.
  6. Hello fellow party members and prospecive party members! I am Ansem, the current leader of the Org. XIII party. The in-game chat function is pretty limited, so I will be posting updates here. Members are encouraged to post anything they find relevant here. To prospective members: We are at our limit for higher leveled players, so we may not be able to approve you if your level is too high. Other than that everyone is welcome. Our only requirement is to stay somewhat active. I tend to kick after 25+ days of inactivity (pretty generous imo), so there is a bit of leeway. Other than that, PLEASE share your best medals, or a score boosting medal for an active event. Also if requested please share a specific medal for a member who needs it. It is not required to share any given medal but it is very helpful. Tips FOR THE KH CROSS UPDATE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Each time you combine 2 or more of the same medal, you roll for a skill. Because of this, only combine them one at a time on your way to guilting them. *Do not buy into deals just for the chance of getting a certain skill from awakening. Think of awakening as icing on the cake, and notnthe main course meal. *If you are fortunate enough to get several KH2 Illus. Kairis, DO NOT combine them. Just use 2 or 3 on your keyblade setup. The odds of getting a second attack skill (1 in 11) are too low to risk that. Also do not guilt her, the increase in damage is not worth it. *The above point also applies to any utility medals whose boosts can be stacked. For Attacking medals, go ahead and guilt them, but don't keep buying medals in hopes of getting the ideal awakening skill. *If you don'tnhave the 15k jewels for this banner, I would just skip it altogether. We are getting 6k jewels though, so if you saved up 9k, you are golden. *max boosts are raised from 3 tiers to 7. Keep this in mind for challenging quests and the coliseum.
  7. I wouldn't spend on starlight. It becomes obsolete quickly. Just use them on the keyblades you use most, the games gives enough orichalchum to spend on every keyblade. Adamantite ore is the real problem.
  8. Yeah, you need a lot of space on your device's main drive (NOT sd card). After the app is fully downloaded you can move it over to your sd card. The only workaround, as menioned above, is to root your device, but that will void void your warranty. Make sure you know what you are doing if you root it.
  9. Hi, I just joined with facebook but it wouldn't let me put a custom username. Can you please change mine to 'Emperor Ansem'? Thank you.
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