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  1. Everything!
  2. When Micky's saving my ass everytime cause I'm dying too much on Critcal Mode. Micky Ex Machina, all the way!
  3. SpeedRave

    What's your Favorite Aquatic Movie?

    Haha,that music track, I nearly forgot that. Thanks for the reminder And,yeah this sounds something they would definitly do. We had Sharks in Space, in a Plane,in the Subway,flying burning Sharks,Nuclear Sharks,a flying whale and Sharkzilla within the Movie Series. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that one,huh?
  4. SpeedRave

    What's your Favorite Aquatic Movie?

    No Sharknado on the list?! BLASPHEMY!!
  5. SpeedRave

    What award could Kingdom Hearts 3 win in 2018?

    The "My Life is complete" Award
  6. Just give me EVERYTHING!!!
  7. 7.8/10 Should use Saltwater -IGN
  8. SpeedRave

    Hello fellow Kingdom Hearts Fans ! ✌??

    Hello and welcome to KH13,Adam! I hope you will have a good time here!
  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH! ITS MAH BOI VENTUS!!! Now its getting even more interesting.
  10. SpeedRave

    Which Organization XIII weapon is your favourite?

    You know what this game needs more?.... GUNBLADES!!!
  11. For Honor. Nuff said.,..
  12. SpeedRave

    Where are you spending Christmas this year?

    I´m pretty much been "Home Alone".