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  1. Geez, son! Last time before I died this site looked different. What is this place and why does it look so clean?

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      I'm pretty sure they gave the place a new look because this year is KH13's 10th anniversary.

    2. SpeedRave


      If that is so, then it will make all kind of sense. Me likey!

  2. When Micky's saving my ass everytime cause I'm dying too much on Critcal Mode. Micky Ex Machina, all the way!
  3. Haha,that music track, I nearly forgot that. Thanks for the reminder And,yeah this sounds something they would definitly do. We had Sharks in Space, in a Plane,in the Subway,flying burning Sharks,Nuclear Sharks,a flying whale and Sharkzilla within the Movie Series. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that one,huh?
  4. Hello and welcome to KH13,Adam! I hope you will have a good time here!
  5. Oh man, I cant keep my feets steady cause of this. I can´t imagine that this game is finally coming out after 10 yrs of waiting. My stomach is having weird feeling everday...worse is, it intensifies everyday when the game comes close to release
  6. That boss is tough.. Heh,Im lvl 29 and still having problems with it.... But hey, you did it! Nice one! Now its time for the Crimson Iron Giant Level 42
  7. Yes. I can fight. I have 3 years knowlegde of Tai-Boxing. I was intrested of doing Capoiera aswell but ,i´m pretty much easy going nowadays .tbh, my feets shaking to have a decent fight against someone. But I only fight ,if the situation is going downhill or if its the only choice.
  8. Wow, they gonna "Dynasty Warriors-fying" everything these days. But this is actually using some neat blood effects like in the actual anime. Let´s see how this game goes later on.
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