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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. We will probably get three new games announced at e3, like we had in 2007 with days, birth by sleep and coded. It might be a BBS2, DDD2 and KH4.
  2. Interesting. Digital only because 1.5+2.5 is 57GB which is more than a blu ray.The question now is: why is it bigger than on ps4?Do they include by default the 10GB DLC for theater mode? Or did they finally improve the video quality of the cutscenes in com, days and re:coded?
  3. I really don't get it, I am sorry. A game loses value as time passes. It has always been the case. KH3 is one year old, thus it stands to reason to release a package with previous installements for less money. Is it pure marketing? Yes, like everything in this world. They assume it will bring more people into the franchise, which is great. I have the example of this person I saw in a supermarket once who was asking: "I am interested in Kingdom Hearts 3 but I would like to catch up with the story." The buyer brought the all in one package and said: "Here you have everything". And the guy was happy. That's the whole point of packages like this. It is not for us. If a friend wanted to discover the serie, I would say, grab this package. It's the best deal of the moment. I don't see the problem. When a new season of game of thrones releases, you can see bundles containing all seasons appearing in the supermarkets. No one is complaining of having to buy it again. The discs are identical and this package simplifies the life of the buyers who don't have to buy them separately. Should they have included remind? Yes. But this will be for the next package on ps5. 😂
  4. For those complaining. It's a bundle, not a new game. It's just a box that will contain the story so far and kh3. It happens all the times with blu rays. It's for newcomers so stop complaining. You will get your final package one day.
  5. I am starting to get used to Nomura hidden messages. He just confirmed a final mix for the next gen. 😅
  6. Well it all makes sense. The previous size were just the video of the concert. 14.2GB + 8.4GB = 22.6GB As a reminder, the game at launch was 39.9GB, so we are up for a good amount of content.
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