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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Hello there , First of all, this is my first theory and english is not my mother tongue. I'm still learning english. So if there are some grammar or spelling mistakes I apologize and hope you understand what I wanted to say nevertheless. I also don't know if someone made up this theory before. It just popped up in my head and I feel like a have to share it because I haven't read this theory before. But now I'm coming to the theory! I am pretty sure the most people in this forum have watched the Opening Movie from KH 3D. I've never thought about this movie much but when I rewatched all KH Openings this morning I noticed some things I didn't give much attention before. And I think it has a connection to the seven Guardians of Light who have to defeat the 13 darknesses in KH3. In KH3D Mickey actually stated that Sora, Riku and he himself are three of the Guardians. And he also mentioned his "three missing friends" which are obviously Terra, Ventus and Aqua. So that makes six Guardians of Light. So who is the seventh Guardian? Which characters could also wield a keyblade? Kairi and Axel! But if you think more into there are more people who can wield a keyblade. For an example: Roxas! So if you now watch the KH3D Opening (here is a Link) and skip to minute 3. We see how Xehanort appears and rises up a mountain at the Keyblade Graveyard like he did in KH BBS (after that we do not see Xehanort any longer but it's clear he has to be on that mountain). Sora and Riku jumps after him. Shortly after that Terra, Ventus and Aqua appear (three members of the Guardians of Light) and also Roxas appaers. They landed at that mountain/plattform and lift up their keyblades. Ready to face Xehanort. (There are also Donald and Goofy but I not going to count them in because there are kinda always fighting with Sora and there are not keybladewielders so they couldn't be Guardians.) So Sora, Riku, Mickey, Ventus, Terra, Aqua and Roxas facing Xehanort who is the main villain which is going to be defeated in KH3. Some times ago Tetsuya Nomura said there are no coincidences in Kingdom Hearts. So why should Square Enix show Roxas with the Guardians of Light facing Xehanort if he is none of the Guardians? If there is no meaning in it? The KH3 Orchestra Trailer showed that Sora is trying to bring Roxas back. I think it's pretty sure that Sora wants to bring Roxas back because he deserves it. But maybe he also have to because Roxas is the last Guardian of Light. I can't imagen that Riku and Mickey left to find Aqua, Ventus and Terra so they can defeat the 13 Darknesses together while Sora is just like "yeah, I'm going to bring Roxas back for personal reasons which have nothing to do with the 13 Darkness that have to be beated. Bye." The KH3D Opening Movie could foreshadow the Final Fight of KH3. Like the Secret Ending of KH2 and the Opening of KH BBS itself foreshadowed the Final of KH BBS. So what do you guys think about Roxas as a Guardian of Light? Would you like to see him as a Guardian or do you prefer Kairi or Axel/Lea as the last Guardian? And if Roxas is a Guardian of Ligth will he wield Oblivion and Oathkeeper or a new mabey two new keyblades which symbolize his friendschip to Xion and Axel like Oblivion and Oathekeeper does? (In the Opening we see Roxas with a black keyblade which could be Oblivion or a complete new keyblade you can't really see that.) Please leave your thoughts and be fair and kind. Thanks __________________________________________ Here are some screenshots from the Opening Movie just in case the link doesn't work or the video is deleted.
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