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  1. We don't actually see it. Sora opens a portal and they just go inside it, we can't actually see where did they go from there. Perhaps Sora has a really bad mental GPS. lol
  2. Final Xemnas was only fixed in version 1.04, btw If you got a crash message after the black screen (which is a blue screen with an error code), it's because KH2FM was really unstable on version 1.00 and random crashes ocurred often (this was later improved on version 1.02 and 100% fixed on v1.04). These random crashes never happened to me, but most people I know suffered from it many times. My only tip is: install the update as soon as possible, since it'll fix 99.9% of KH2 issues and.. well, replay the battle. Fortunately you didn't lose your save file. Many friends of many had their files corrupted after the random crash.
  3. - Master Xehanort - Young Xehanort - Braig/Xigbar - Isa/Saix - Ansem, Seeker of Darkness - Vanitas - Terranort And I'm literally out of ideas. I can only imagine Vanitas and Terranort because it's obvious enough. Out of that, I'm not sure if Foretellers, Union Leaders, some new guys... not sure at all. Nomura confirmed that MoM will not be in KH3, but it's a good list, truly
  4. The way Young Xehanort said it made me believe it's Vanitas.
  5. Perhaps she's searching for the Black Box because she read about it in the Book of Prophecies. Which means she's trying to take over all worlds (again) by the power of whatever is inside the box. She can may be a real threat in the game, or just a joke once more.
  6. I do understand your concern about having less Disney Worlds in KH3. But you should try to understand that Nomura wants to make each world unique in its own way. We're likely to get 10 Disney Worlds in KH3 (my guess), but each and everyone of them will be massive, with a lot of things to do and see! Nomura also said today that he scrapped lots of worlds with the same thematics for the sake of making the worlds as unique as they could be! (i.e: Tangled and Brave are both medieval worlds, so Nomura probably chosen Tangled because of its popularity, as he also stated) Just try and feel happy that at least we won't get short worlds like Olympus Coliseum itself in KH1, Disney Castle/Timeless River in KH2. Sorry if my english is a little messed up, I haven't practiced in a while!
  7. I'm deeply sorry, I forgot to type "we'll get to see it" lol
  8. Big Hero 6 was the last Disney world to be included in KH3, so Zootopia and Moana are out of question, definitely.
  9. Most likely. But'll get to see only in the game itself, unfortunately.
  10. I feel like they're specific to certain battles/locations only. Which is a great addition, instead of making it like another Situation Command. Also, as Nomura stated: They're optional to use, you can trigger them manually. So it's not worrying at all.
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