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  1. Cover of Roxas' Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGcly2MQIUk
  2. Ansem in KH Chain of Memories remixed to original music.
  3. Axel in Chain of Memories remixed to original music
  4. This is the last video in our Organization XIII remix project, an original song set to dialogue samples of Roxas and various other characters in the game to tell the story of KH2's prologue.
  5. A song created using original music set to dialogue of Marluxia. https://youtu.be/4NlDwueJlnE
  6. Remix song of Larxene from Chain of Memories. https://youtu.be/ArPJ8-bLshU
  7. Remix of Zexion created with dialogue set to original music. https://youtu.be/y9cEhKYyD1Q
  8. Remix of Lexaeus from Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78A2plh62K8
  9. remix of Vexan from Kh Re: Com https://youtu.be/nKJzqNYwYfY
  10. Remix of Demyx in KH2 https://youtu.be/K1C9IvfYsRY
  11. Remix of Xaldin from KH2 https://youtu.be/izJUszrq4jA
  12. Remix of Saix from KH2. https://youtu.be/Nxs0fwvQWSk
  13. Remix of Luxord in KH 2. Added a little bit of Jack Sparrow as well. https://youtu.be/fZaE5hMBiI0
  14. I've never used Sony Vegas but I've heard its really sweet for video editing, I use Logic Pro X to write, record and produce the music in a remix, and then I use samples of various character voices from the game to create the lyrics and a "hook." For example we did a remix of Ansem called "Submit," When Ansem says "submit" in the song, thats basically the beginning of the chorus. I think of it in a similar way that I would think of song writing, you form an into, verse, chorus and a bridge. As far as video editing, I just use iMovie. Whats nice about Kingdom Hearts is you can sync the cutscenes to the audio. I seldom ever use audio straight from a game's cutscenes because you'll get stuck with background noises such as sound effects and the actual music in the game. You always want to use samples that are as "clean" as possible. Anyway thats how I make remixes, I think thats what you were asking, right? So yeah, I hope that helps. :smile: Thank you! Kingdom Hearts was aways very playful in my opinion so I wanted to bring that out in the song and make it as much fun as possible. I'm glad you dig it!
  15. Remix of Xigbar in KH2. https://youtu.be/RUDVCd1XFDc
  16. Remix of Xemnas from KH2 https://youtu.be/6bNlidgX2hY
  17. Hello! This is a remix of Ansem from KH1. The music is all original but the song its self is made up of quotes of Ansem. Our remixes are very similar to "This Is Your Life" by The Dust Brothers from the movie Fight Club. Ansem's battle quotes are used to form a chorus, while his normal speaking lines from the game's cutscene form the versers. The idea was to tell Ansem's story in his own words from beginning to end. https://youtu.be/79f1mC7t73Y
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