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  1. i think its meant to be that xigbar was luxu the whole time, there no mention of him being xehanort
  2. well sora would most likely be first choice for a playable character, the stage could be based on any of the original worlds and the spirits would most likely be restricted to just the original characters
  3. now to be fair sora's "death" could have a much larger point that we are not aware of, perhaps where he's ended up afterwards will allow him to uncover something important for the next saga
  4. hmm havent really given it much thought in recent years, but ill go with colours
  5. i feel like we really should have had the someone else option as there are a lot of x-men, anyway iceman
  6. well i imagine itll be bo or forky as they have major plot point, but buzz and woody are always the best
  7. wreck it ralph to honest, but i guess you were looking for original characters so im guessing that doesnt count, so no one really
  8. ocean's rage

    keyblades .jpg

    just some fan keyblades i drew for, bambi, wall-e, darkwing duck, dumbo, james and the giant peach and the emperor's new groove
  9. hmm a cross between his gun blade and one of the keyblades themed on him
  10. i think the focus will be on xion and we wont really get much story for anyone else
  11. im always happy to see playable toad and toadette, what really took my notice though was the fact that 3d world id listed under extra styles as if to imply there could be more to com
  12. hmm its an interesting question and with the way things are going i think we may yet get an answer
  13. im hoping for playable toad and toadette, i mean its gonna be a bit weird for them to make a cat toadette if its just a background thing edit: yes
  14. well just under a month to e3 i imagine we may hear something there
  15. yeah nintendo are working illumination (despicable me, minions), though i cant remember whether or not they said it was animated
  16. i feel ryan reynolds was the wrong choice for the character so i dont think theyve quite got it sorted
  17. to be honest despite using them a lot i didnt really take them in enough to rate them
  18. what an oddly short list of spider man villains, id like to see them do scorpion, i mean he was in the first one technically but you know go full scorpion or maybe the jackal just to see how complicated they could make it funnily enough beforehand it was mysterio
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