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  1. that is a good question, one im sure plenty of people have thought about. though it would be very unusual if this world was just an empty wasteland before the war. but i suppose it is possible it was always called the keyblade graveyard but it was original a sort of burial world for fallen keyblade wielders
  2. out of those four who framed roger rabbit dont 3 of those count as hybrids though?
  3. safer sephiroth from FF7 as a heartless
  4. lets hope its not much more than a month
  5. Kairi and Lea, theyre the only guardians of light not to have a staring role yet
  6. ocean's rage

    Sin Heatless

    Sin from FF10 as a heartless.
  7. ocean's rage

    Jenova - Heartless

    Jenova from FF7 as a heartless
  8. aqua may be my favourite of the three but ventus is my favourite story to play through. i was so pleased when we got that captain hook boss fight.
  9. well there are about four short from before toy story that disney were not involved in, so there was certain degree of separation even before then
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