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  1. well its far to early to tell and we shouldnt link characters just cause their names are similar
  2. there is some similarities but normua's designs often look similar. there are a lot who look like skuld or demyx
  3. So in kingdom hearts so far we have had characters from final fantasy, the world ends with you and a cameo from einhänder. and true recently theyve been taking on a smaller role, bar the moogles, I thought id ask what other SE characters youd like to see cameo. we ask each other all the time what other FF characters we want to see so i figured id try something different and open it up to everything else. personally i wouldnt mind seeing the gang from bravely default/second
  4. they said either a master or the level of one which you could argue he was.
  5. not it isnt. he went to a keyblade master to ask to be trained in the keyblade
  6. or you know when he asked to be one mickey did it
  7. where is namine living? for that matter where's roxas, lea and xion living in twilight town?

  8. World: Motenui Ocean Based on: Moana Plot: mostly the same of the film. Sora wonders why the heart of te fiti is different from other hearts and maui knows of other worlds. Areas: The Ocean. Sora and co can travel in a similar manner to The Carribean. Motenui Laloti Te fiti Enemies: Heartless shadows soldiers water core screwdiver firey globe spear lizard burrfish boat themed heartless chicken themed heartless Others Kakamora Party Members: Moana, fights with oar, athleticism and water attacks. Maui, initially very weak until he recovers his hook, similar to Mulan and Tron in KH2. Then fights with hook strength and shapeshifting. Villains: Maleficent and Pete try to acquire the heart but are driven away. Bosses: Tamatoa, fought in his lair Pincer attacks spin attack slams ground grabs sora and slams him into wall bite attack Te Ka, world boss fought at Te fiti fire balls fire punch lava exhale screech attack double hand slam Keyblade: Wayfinder's call i did not check the spelling on any of that
  9. World: Frog Bayou Based on: The Princess and the Frog Plot: loosely based on film Areas: The city Tiana's Palace LeBuff House Streets Graveyard The Swap Mama Odie's Enemies: Heartless shadows soilders polliwog chief puff puffball large body creeper plant Lilly pad heartless alligator heartless frog heartless others shadow monsters Party Members: N/A Villains: Dr Facilier Boss: Dr Facilier, fought in graveyard throws cards blows dust which poisons magic blasts summons shadows attacks with his shadow turns Sora into a frog Keyblade: Royal Lilies hows that?
  10. well alright, but ill have to put some thought into it first
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