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  1. try Nippon-Yasan.com Really good Store, VERY Cheap Prices on Pre Order, BUT Sky Rocket / Scammer Prices once the Figure as been Released. If you are fast, and make a Pre Order / Pay on Instant, you can save A HELL lot of Money. I have been a Customer since 2014. Saved a lot of Money over the Years because of fast instant Pre Orders.
  2. in KH 2 Haley sounds still good. But for KH3 is way to old, i have also excpected that they choose someone else this time. KH 3 in Gameplay was okay, but not in the Cut Scenes, just terrible. I mean Sora sound like he is around 30 Years old, but not like a 15 Years Boy. Japanese Voice is very good, iam glad they have added this.
  3. Oh dear God, thank you so much English Voice of Haley Joel Osment was terrible, i will switch right to Japanese from the Start.
  4. what the f***.... Haley Joel Osment sounds terrible, he is far to old for that speaking Role. God please tell me that the Japanese Voice Files will be included in this Game, otherwise i would stop playing it. Soras Voice...just terrible in any way.
  5. i do not think Atlantis will be in this Game, BECAUSE Ariel is a Summon this time as i saw in Gameplay Trailers. In all KH Games, you could not Visit Worlds from Characters that can be Summoned.
  6. That is what i also want to know! I wrote Square Enix already, and asked them if they still can continue the PAK Line. Because it would not be fair, regarding to those who Collect PAK only! I also did not want to buy any Bring Arts, but had to buy Sora now, and will Pre Order Riku then, just in case Square will cancel all future PAK Figures, and releases all other Characters just as Bring Arts in the Future. But still, iam also waiting for a PAK Version of this Riku, just like all the other Characters. But if they do not want to continue the PAK Line anymore, they would not have released the new Play Arts Kai FF Dissidia Figures like Squall, Lightning and now Terra.
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