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  • Manages the Discord server. Directed and produced KH13's Kingdom Hearts III documentary. Contributed various pieces of media.

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  1. Later today/tonight (depending on your timezone) Then around 6PM - 9PM
  2. Of course it settled quickly. It was a situation both parties wanted to avoid at all costs.
  3. That must've been a really big lake Or a very small ship
  4. . "What country are you from?" - "(sigh) Norway." "Heeey, you own the ship!" - "Yes. This is the 8th time we've had this exact conversation." ...which I definitely couldn't do at home. I have responsibilities here, unfortunately. I wasn't fan of the annoying bartender at the Lido deck that cracked the same joke every time I was there . "What country are you from?" - "(sigh) Norway." "Heeey, you own the ship!" - "Yes. This is the 8th time we've had this exact conversation."
  5. I was on Norwegian Escape back in 2016. It was fun, although I stayed mostly in my cabin during daytime, like the hermit that I am.
  6. Not to brag or anything
  7. Better go with one of their competitors. Royal Caribbean or Norwegian. They're both Norwegian founded.
  8. You wanna know something interesting? The company that owned the Titanic later merged with its competitor Cunard. Which is now a subsidiary of the Carnival corporation. And that's kinda funny when you take into account all the other shit that has happened to Carnival operated ships in the past few decades. That company is cursed. I wouldn't step foot on one of their ships.
  9. Ah, yes, I've heard of this one. I'm not sure if you should call that being extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky.
  10. The Britannic? Most of those onboard her survived.
  11. It was used for some smaller things, like ventilation from the kitchen and such. But mostly it was just decoration
  12. I still know some tho Did you know one of the four funnels were fake?
  13. I used to know a bunch of technical facts about it. Tho most of those have faded after a while.
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