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  1. Somewhere out there, Sora is running around bonking Thanos in the head with his keyblade. That emote is canon I should sleep now. I'm getting carried away.
  2. After Endgame, I was worried that they'd never be able to produce a villain that could outperform Thanos. I feared Endgame would be the peak of the MCU, and that it would just get old from there. But after Kang was introduced, I started reading more into who he was and past depictions of him. And I can now confidently say; I need not have worried. This is gonna get good. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to evolve into the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse and I'm giddy as hell. Also, the potential with an infinite multiverse. Everything could be canon now. Three different spidermen? Canon Old comics? Canon Fox Universe? Canon What I had for breakfast this morning? Canon
  3. Perhaps. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Hm, I thought it seemed more like the Conqueror version would be the next Thanos. Since that's clearly the 'big bad' of them all (as far as the comics told us). So If not him, then who?
  5. The higher ups see work as successful based on how much money it makes. They're not idiots. They do have numbers, enough to calculate exactly how much money each film and show has made since release. We just can't see them. But they're there.
  6. ...they're still getting it. Disney have already stated they want to make Disney+ their number 1 priority moving forward. Pixar movies aren't getting any less screentime because of it. If anything, they're getting more since more people will be able to watch it when they don't have to pay any extra. And they can watch it from home. Which is way more flexible. Which will entice even more people to watch it.
  7. If you paid attention, you'd also notice that Soul and Luca weren't released in theatres. While the others had a Premier Access / Cinema parallel release. That is the pattern. They're clearly trying to make Pixar a Disney+ exclusive thing. Or at least exploring the idea. Whether it will remain that way we'll have to see. It depends on how profitable it ends up being.
  8. Like Frozen, Moana, Zootopia, etc
  9. Raya was Disney Animation Studios Like Frozen, Moana, Zootopia, etc
  10. Soul and Luca are Pixar films, the others weren't. Making Pixar included with a regular subscription, and anything else be Premier access. They already made it clear that that is what they're going for, for now. Don't try to look for a pattern that isn't there. That's how we get this "Disney is evil" bullshit.
  11. Kang never claimed to be doing good deeds. He just wanted to avoid the mindfiretruckery and confusion that comes with a multiversal war. So I don't think there are any cop outs at all. At least not in this instance.
  12. My head hurts from trying to decipher the answer to that. I guess both, in some way? It's paradoxical af, that's what it is, lmao.
  13. But Always wondered who that was going to be. The next phase is going to be a lot of multiversal stuff, it seems, and I'm all for it. But Always wondered who that was going to be. The next phase is going to be a lot of multiversal stuff, it seems, and I'm all for it.
  14. I swear, if they enter that fortress and Agatha is sitting on the throne...
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