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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Daybreak_Town is KHInsider. We can't go about directly promoting our main competitor.
  2. I mean, it clearly says which account that tweet came from. Y'all need to pay more attention.
  3. No, I'm talking about the KH13 UX team. If the bot shared a KH13 tweet. Then it should be fairly obvious I was talking about said KH13 tweet.
  4. Don't blame the bot. Blame the guys over at the UX team for not tweeting about it earlier.
  5. HaakonHawk

    General Chat

    Developers aren't the one who's making that decision.
  6. No problem. Just put a warning beforehand. @Liftea
  7. You have to view each chapter separately. Which prevents me from just having it record all of them while I'm out doing other things.
  8. I have a capture card. But it would take me forever to record all those scenes now because you can't play through the entire theater in one go.
  9. HaakonHawk

    General Chat

    Alright guys. Let's try and calm down on the political talk and the talk about past tragedies. It has such a huge risk of getting heated. Find something more light hearted to talk about. We want to keep it peaceful.
  10. Yen Sid and Sora, respectively.
  11. "Whenever you're in need, magic happens. That is your greatest strength, Sora." - "You make it sound like an accident." Is my favorite quote in the entire game.
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