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  1. I haven't been on in a few days, but thank you sooo much for the kind words, and for noticing all the hard work I put into my color schemes! You've made me feel right at home already. :lol: Ooo, I'll definitely give Vanitas a try sometime soon! I really should try Xehanort as well, but I think I'd only be able to manage his young version. Old bruh Xeha would probably look waaay ridiculous in my style LMAO. I guess he'd be good practice though! Thank you soooo much~ Here's a few more illustrations I've drawn in the past couple weeks! While I was drawin' this one I was like "maybe I should tone down the sparkles" then I was like "nah it's fine" now I'm like "YEAH I SHOULDA." Xixi with a popsackle. Thinkin' I might do something more with this one? Maybe make it into a full illustration and do a set with Sora and Kairi??
  2. Thanks! But, I'm not familiar with Sa'luk at all, sorry. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi there! So, I'm super new to forums, so I figured I'd start with what I know best—that being, art! :tongue: As a forewarning, some of my art contains spoilers for The World Ends with You. If you've yet to beat TWEWY, or are planning to play it, please don't look! This first illustration was done for the 16th KH anniversary, and it's also a tribute to my dream KHUX medal. Just when you thought Riku's KH1 outfit couldn't get any worse, they went and made it green and yellow. I love my unfashionable son. Next is a picture of Kairi holding the broken Way to Dawn. The Don't Think Twice trailer made me really emotional. This next one's a portrait of Riku in Shibuya, since I'm really hoping to see our TWEWY friends again! I drew another picture to accompany the one above, but since it contains end-game spoilers for TWEWY, here's a warning to STOP YA SCROLLIN'. If you plan on playing TWEWY, don't look! I promise, it's something you won't want spoiled. Since Riku and Shiki are my Square Enix faves, I was super excited when they met in KH3D. I think they could be really good friends, given both their respective characters arcs. "A good friend sees you for who you are, no matter what face you wear." And in the same vein of TWEWY spoilers—! Really hoping this happens, too. And now... for The Shipping Content™. While I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, my KH OTP is Rikai, A.K.A., Riku/Kairi. Feel free to skip past the next two posts if you dislike the ship! Big dumb loser boyfriend. I took creative liberty with Kairi's KH3 outfit, since there hasn't been a full reveal. My baby girl. AND LASTLY. I can dream. That's most of my recent work, I have a ton of old art and sketches laying around that I may upload at some point. If anyone's interested, I might continue to post my art here as I draw more! I also have a deviantArt and a Tumblr. Feel free to comment on anything you like, or give me suggestions on things you think I could improve! I also take art request/suggestions sometimes, so feel free to hmu!! :wub:
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