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  1. A recreation of the Alice in wonderland world from Kingdom Hearts is complete in Rec Room(free game on all VR consoles). You collect pink boxes like in the og game you fight some heartless with kingdom key or lady luck(the closest i could make at least), you walk on the walls of the bizzarre room and there is a bossfight. You can find this by searching #KingdomHearts in recroom. You ll also find Destiny Islands and Traverse town the same way. You ll also find a room called WorldMap that will get you to all available worlds I ve made. Hope you enjoy. Any thoughts and comments may help with future worlds i make.
  2. I made a recreation of the 3 districts in traverse town from KH in Rec Room VR(Rec Room is a free game you can play now and it is playable in any VR). There are enemies all around and a boss fight. I also made multiple weapons you can use. I made Destiny Islands as well a few weeks ago. You can find them all by searching #KingdomHearts in RecRoom. You can go to the room called WorldMap and from there to any world(that is available for now)I also plan to make the rest of the worlds soon. I 'd love to hear thoughts from anyone who plays them. I could also use a hand if anyone can make videos of my levels bcs I can't So if you have a youtube channel and you can make a video on this that would be amazing. I can even show you around if you messege me Thanks anyways!
  3. I couldn't wait for KH VR and I noticed while playing Rec Room (PSVR) that there was a Monsters Inc themed room. I looked for Kingdom Hearts related and found nothing(if you know of any rooms plz do tell. I 'd like to check them). Since I found nothing I made my own Kingdom Hearts room. I made a hub room that will lead to the worlds of the KH. I just finished my 1st world/room themed around Destiny Islands. I plan on making all the worlds of at least KH 1. If you have VR plz check out my room and tell me here what you thought of it. I rly want some feedback. My hub world/room is called WorldMap and it is a simple room with a door that leads to Destiny Islands. I will add things to this room soon. My Destiny Islands world/room is called DestinyIslandsKH. It is a recreation of Destiny Islands with a fetch quest like in the game AND a surpise if you callect them all. Both rooms have hashtags. #KingdomHearts. Thank you. If you play I hope you enjoy and plz leave feedback if you can.