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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. It was really short but it is still classed as a trailer. If they were to release a new trailer it'll probably being building on what we've already seen. But This Week on Xbox covers what's happened this past week for Xbox news. It'd be weird if they released a new trailer when they're a show that discusses recent releases. (I did fact check and this is This Week On Xbox's own description: This Week On Xbox is a new show featuring a weekly recap of the latest news, game releases, and more. )
  2. I feel it's too soon after the Tangled trailer to be a new one and doesn't this week on Xbox just cover things that happened this week? If so Tangled trailer only came out 6 days ago?
  3. As someone who's studied advertising for film, TV and (we sort of touched on games) it's a really common tactic to show a lot but mislead the viewers as to what they mean. I don't believe Aqua is norted, I believe that was one of the misleading things shown. I don't think they would of put something that big in unless they knew the viewers were going to misinterpret it. Then also a lot of the information we're told in the trailers are stuff said in other games (Which I was surprised to find a lot of people missed DDD). But I do believe what they have shown us is half truths/misleads meant to get people talking (garnering publicity) but not actually giving away the events of the game. We have to remember that the game is meant to be massive and I don't think they could spoil everything for us. Also sorry I'm really bad at explaining things and I just joined.
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