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  1. I got the chills from watching that! I’m so ready for next month already
  2. Can’t say I didn’t expect this considering we were forced to wait on three days from the original announcement for a trailer that was already released and same Keyblade different skin. Don’t blame SE for this just poor execution by amazon and by the youtubers they employed for this. They were the worst part about this in my opinion since they felt like they were trying too hard to sell the product and also poorly spaced about the product they were promoting. I watched both streams all the way through and honestly I think amazon could have chosen a better YouTube group but they prob chose them because of working with them in the past. Still going through Best Buy as they offer 20% off of the listed price of whichever version you get.
  3. I can’t believe we are here t minus two months away from a game we were promised over a decade ago is finally gonna be here without any delays and we are still getting tons of news about it. Square Enix has treated KH3 very well these past few months and will get plenty of people back on board whether they are diehard or casual fans or new ones.
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