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  1. From what i gather it seems something similar to e.g. bbs where they used clear data and you would create a new file............speaking of which we need more save files ive used all mine
  2. I agree I hope that those characters who have connected in the past continue to grow their bond and not make it appear like how Roxas and Ven reacted to seeing each others faces XD...Like the only time Kairi might have spoken to Riku was when they were both checking on Axel and you can see their mouths are moving....or they both could have just been trying to talk to Axel instead
  3. My concern regarding something like that is...Kairi doesnt seem to have a real partner at the moment...i mean the thing with Axel/ Lea was cool but he seems like someone who would rather abandon any partner in favour of being with Roxas and then Xion... so i only really see him as a temporary party member for Kairi. Both of them just trained together so I wouldn't compare it to the mark of mastery, although it would be a good thing for them to do later
  4. Aqua is one of my favourite characters but I don't see how they are solving a lack of development for Kairi by shelving her and how that would be seen as good writing lol..... give Kairi a game or a good portion of the game and dont just randomly cut to her for a few seconds and then move onto to a less important character
  5. Hasn't Nomura already said that whilst he would have liked to have expanded on Xehanorts earlier life he cannot do so as it wouldn't have truly have been the end of the Xehanort saga? As for the next game I would like more development towards a certain character who seems to be absent during the secret ending
  6. Yeah you cant even talk to them out of battle like you could in kh2 ...i was left with trying to take a picture mid fight with them like "Quickly could you look at the camera? i'm about to get stabbed in the back? "😛 (gets whacked)
  7. I don't think SE would swap over to switch exclusively and leave out all its fans on PS ...they did all those remixes, so for the switch to have an exclusive is a pretty dumb idea on their part as the majority of their fanbase use a ps4. Ehh i dont mind that its not "KH4" all of the games relate to the story...i just hope the game is set in the present or during the middle of KH3... like i guess you could count DDD as a mini kh3 as it was set after 2 but was limited in that it was on a handheld instead of a console
  8. I'm not sure if that confirms they will be playable... my initial thoughts were oh they will add another cutscene in for this person... I bet its not even a long explanation
  9. Its nice to know we wont have to wait too long...hopefully they expand more on the kh characters and on that ending... and hopefully an additional playable character Just hearing confirmation from Nomura itself makes the wait more comforting....I wonder how much will be in this paid dlc...im sure the amount will effect the price.... i'd still get it regardless
  10. Not the news we would hope for but remember there are some people working on kingdom hearts vr still... so it we dont hear anything DLC wise for kh3....something may be announced whenever they update that I have a VR but would rather have kh3 dlc over that XD
  11. I agree that he does need a break, but I have a feeling he wont be on break for too long. I'm curious to know just exactly how far part one of the remake is, it was mentioned that Nomura didn't want to say anything before KH3's release and that its a lot more further along than people think
  12. Why would he need to wait until he finishes FF7R ? He has been working on both for a while with just kh more in mind
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