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  1. - The ability to turn off attractions or even just the music change. And reduce the appearance of the green circle or the time it stays on an enemy. - Reduce magic damage or introduce a stat limit like in KH2 so bosses don't die too fast - Increase the reach of the situation command for Moogles and chests so you don't use attacks instead of interacting with them. - Make Links usable with a non-full MP bar, but not heal party members, so the player is more inclined to use them. - Introduce a chest sonar that can be purchased/synthesised that once activated will chime stronger the more you approach a chest then disappear when you open one.
  2. So I just wanted to say I hear people praising the endgame segment a lot, especially in comparison to "the lack of story in Disney worlds". I liked KH3, don't get me wrong, but I kind of felt insulted by the whole endgame's events (from the start of Keyblade graveyard onwards) and the lack of logic in any moment of it... I'll just list the things that make my head spin, if you want to comment, thank you. Do not feel obliged to agree either. Phew, that was long. If you read through all that, I'm both thankful and sorry. Now that I ranted, I hope I can come to term with this story.
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