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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. That's a tricky one but if I have to pick anything...
  2. Tell me how exactly? Deep Jungle didn't have Tarzan have the conflict of whether he should stay with the gorillas or leave with Jane to try and be human. Tarzan was more focused on trying to help Sora find his friends before Clayton became corrupted by the Heartless, even Sabor lasted much longer who was killed off before the humans arrived in the film. Agrabah did have the basics about the genie's lamp but instead of trying to take over the palace like in the film, Jafar was more focused on the keyhole as the battle took place inside the cave of wonders and Jasmine was taken by Riku. Atlantica? They didn't even attempt to recreate the movie's plot till KH2 when they brought in Prince Eric and the surface. And Monstro? The entire story there is original since it focused more on Sora and Riku's conflicts due to their personal goals Also small tidbit, the villain the Toy Box had was Young Xehanort, not really an original villain, unless if you're referring to the heartless boss at the end of its story where that didn't really do much.
  3. "Well, originally, the KH series has always seen Sora and his friends experiencing the [same] plot of the original movies as its basis" ...Does he...not remember that the stories in KH1 were completely original? It was KH2 that started that trend, and if anything created the backlash that made fans question about the importance of the Disney worlds for the entire series up until KH3.
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