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  1. Ooh, I love meta-narratives in fiction when they're done right (a la Bravely Default/Second and Undertale/Deltarune), so I'd be very excited if some of this were true. I first heard something akin to this theory during this discussion by TFS Gaming (I tried to find the exact time but was unable to, it's brought up by Kirran sometime in the middle of the video) but haven't heard much since. An interesting point in the doc is the theory that MoM is trying to start a "new game". This instantly made me think of the last scene of the epilogue, when Youth in White mentions a "new game he heard about". Very peculiar. If KHUx could update with more than 5 missions every month we might get some answers to this eventually.
  2. Is it? I hadn't seen any news confirming for sure. It's better than no ending at all, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth is all.
  3. "Complete edition" yeah sure, I'll consider it complete when they un-cancel the planned DLC that has the true ending. The closest we'll get to that is that JP only novel. I bought the base game when it first released and pledged not to buy any DLC until it was all out telling the whole story. Guess that'll never happen now. 😕
  4. I guess ideally I'd like to get them for free, but this is the next best thing. I'd rather have some way to get them then no way at all, and it's just smart from a business perspective to charge if you know a significant user base will pay the price for it.
  5. The Master of Masters. I love a man with an air of mystery, plus Ray Chase's voice...
  6. Interesting theory! I've never thought about the idea that the box somehow "contains" the Dandelions, but I think it holds some merit. After recently beating KH3 on critical, I was paying closer attentions to scenes than on my first playthrough now that I had some context. One thing I noted was the scene when Luxord mentioned the box contains "hope", like you said. A few scenes after that, Sora says something to the effect that "hearts are hope". This reminded me of another theory floating around that the box somehow contains MoM's heart, which is what's going to allow him to return. But containing the Dandelions "hearts" through some data-copy or something would also make sense regarding that connection. I'm very excited for the future of the series, hopefully the months leading up to E3 will have KHUx updates with some more clarification on where the story is heading, along with the upcoming DLC.
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