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  1. I think it would be cool if Yozora wasn’t the final boss. I do think however that we will play as Sora. The secret boss of a game is supposed to be where you use all of the skills and techniques to their max. Since we barely play as the other characters and their load out is prefixed I don’t think we’d be able to have a good secret boss. It would have to be nerfed from something Sora could take on. Just my 2 cents ?‍♂️ It would be cool if they could make it work though, don’t get me wrong!
  2. So a theory of the top of my head. sora is sent to another world where Yozora while Yozora is sent to Sora’s world. (Meaning whatever power controls the power of waking switches out Sora for his meddling and replaces him with Yozora to keep the balance of taking someone out of existence. (Perhaps Yozoras job/life calling is to do such a thing. An “agent” of the power of waking or this other world to prevent meddling) This could also explain why he is suddenly in the same world as Riku but not Sora. He is there as Soras replacement, but also notices that Riku is trying to reverse Soras disappearance. He then keeps an eye on Riku to stop any attempts. sorry if this doesn’t belong here I just didn’t want to make a thread about it given concerns of spoilers and the trailer not being officially released.
  3. So last night I played through some KHUx chapters and watched some videos on the story as I was a bit confused when it shifts to post war. (Shout out to Damo for some great vids on the subject.) anyway during some of the clips I noticed the MoM tell Ava that she is collecting hope in form of the dandelions. At first I thought this might just be a throw away line. But then playing through some chapters when Ava recruits you as a dandelion she tells you and Skuld that again the dandelions are hope. In KH3 we are told the black box contains “hope” Perhaps this means that in some way the dandelions are contained in data/book form in the black box. Luxu is shocked by MoM stating what is in the box. “Well ya see it’s the hearts of all the keyblade wielders” (but the keybladers are still around duh! I dunno, but Nomura logic could make it work. Maybe that scene is in the KHux universe and set after the war or something) This could also explain why he can’t open it. He needs to keep them safe in the box until the new world has been created. Essentially MX almost continued with MoMs plan of a new world and unbeknownst to him the dandelions become the new leaders of that world. I dunno this is just a though. Maybe it’s an intentional red herring. Has anyone else noticed this? SORRY IF EVERYONE HAS ALREADY DISCUSSED THIS AND IM JUST BEHIND!! Anyway what do you guys think? I know there’s lots of wholes and I’m not all in on the theory. But those were just some thoughts I had.
  4. Ouch, got hit by a some big spoiler on Youtube. Twice now. Careful folks!
  5. I’d be ok either way. I feel like an unemphasized relation would work best since Sora and Kairi are the only couple the game really wants to make important. But either way. As far as who most people say Namine, Xion, or someone new. I think someone new would work if they did it right, but would feel a bit awkward not being from this group that already has such a big connection already. As for the other two Xion doesn’t especially make sense to me. I just finished ReCoM and 358/2. I feel like Roxas and Xion have more of a connection based on 358/2 and Riku has a much stronger connection based on CoM. Plus there is the whole time Sora is sleeping that Riku is workin very closely with Namine to save his best friend, potentially building their relationship. Others point out the end of KH2 as evidence for Roxas and Namine, but I feel like the general lack of romance in the series and a stronger arguement for Riku Namine could easily play that off as friendship. I mean put it this way, Xion is memories of Kairi so it would make sense for Roxas to fall for her. Plus when you really think about it Roxas and Namine only really meet each other like twice. TLDR Riku+Namine
  6. It does seem like something big happens right there. But it bring KH I doubt it’s permanent. **TRAILER SPOILERS** Mayhaps that’s where Donald gets got (shown in trailer). If so he’s definitely gonna be back. *END TRAILER SPOILERS*
  7. For me the last one looks like an instrument. =Demyx Sitar. The other two... uh... a U from MHA and... upside down All Mights eyebrows.
  8. I feel like this song (and Dont Think Twice) is getting a lot of hate. I personally really like it. I don’t feel like it’s THAT different from the other two intros. I think some people heard the word dubstep and disliked. Dont get get me wrong, I didn’t like Sanctuary at first. I hated it except the heavy part in the castle oblivion section of the intro. I love it now. I just hope more people will enjoy it as they hear it more. If not that’s fine too ?‍♂️
  9. First, I think Nomura should go all in on this Toy Story licsencing stuff. -Whenever Sora is in a scene with Aqua or Terra they need to play “You Got a Friend In Me”. You know, for a literal take. But ona real note thought number 2. What do you think Riku and Kairis fighting styles will be like? Obviously we’ve seen/played as Riku, but ever since seeing His new Braveheart I can’t help but think it’s more of a “broad” key and his previous style would be less effective (I mean it’s obviously a game, but still.) Honestly Sora’s KH1 stance seems like it would be better than Rikus. Which leads to Kairi. The new renders look like the Sora/Roxas/Xion basic stance as well as renders/pictures of Aqua jumping (not game play). What do you think Kairis battle style will be like (in cut scenes or gameplay if she’s playable)? Speed? Balanced? I think most people are expecting magic based, but maybe Nomura surprises us. Thoughts?
  10. I know it’s unlikely, but it would be very cool if at some key points the intro or end themes were brought back. Like (and this is just a hypothetical not a theory or anything of the sort) a scene where Sora gets knocked out. Screen goes black, then you here the echo effects from the planitb remix of simple and clean quietly. Then burst into a cutscene of some memories or new material on destiny islands. (Again not a theory or anything just an off the top of my head scenario)
  11. Mm good points. I did totally just forget about Flynn and Rapunzel. But either way, I hope they do mix in the other BH6 characters for at least sections of the world. I dunno I’m just excited about the bigger party size and seeing more action from characters.
  12. So I have loved a lot of what we are seeing from the trailers, both story as game play. There is one this that has been bugging me however. One of the first big gameplay reveals we got was that we’ll have multiple party members! Buzz and Woody, Mike and sully, Rapunzel and Flynn. We know Anna and Elsa will not be in our party either. Will Turner or Elizabeth? But the real sting here is Big Hero 6!!! Why out of a group like that are we only getting Batman!? (Adorable as he is) I find it odd that they haven’t taken more advantage of the larger party size. I dunno this might not bug others as much as me. But I was real excited to have a REAL 7v 13 final battle. All at once. 7 team members vs. 13 bosses at the same time! Sorry if this didn’t make sense. I’m using my phone and it’s late. TLDR, I want more usage of the expanded party system in kh3!!
  13. Sora has one as well that you can see briefly in that scene. Someone else pointed that out
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