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  1. To be fair that's a pretty normal price for season passes and or the price of separate dlc bundled together for a lot of games. For Spider-Man it has 3 DLC separately listed for 10 dollars, while you can discount 5 dollars if you get the season pass, Dark Souls 3 has 2 dlc both listed for 15 dollars each, Witcher 3 DLC was also around the same price etc. So basically since Re:mind is 3 dlc pacts put together as a huge expansion with the remind scenario, limit cut episode and the secret episode its basically 10 dollars for each one of those 3 plus with the bonus of the new photo mode and difficulty customization.
  2. Could be a console version of Union X if it has to be a remake of anything. But I just think people are putting to much emphasis on the HD part and assuming its remake just because od that.
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