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  1. Oh cool, can't wait for her to be added to the EU shop. I'm really happy it seems we're getting the various trios. I think there are 3 more confirmed Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts figure yet be revealed, hoping for the Wayfinder Trio or Donald and Goofy.
  2. Super excited to get these. It's great that now they're finally making figures of characters other than Sora and Riku. I'm excited to have both the Destiny Trio and the Clocktower Trio, now I just hope for the Wayfinder Trio to be announced.
  3. She's forth in my list between Aqua and Roxas unless yo mean at a different point.
  4. That could work, the whole thing about seven hearts to save was never really made clear. Because at the start of the game there were only Ven, Terra, Aqua, Naminé, Roxas and Xion, who in need of saving, Axel was already save and I don't think Ansem would be counted. The game was pretty vague with when that dive took place. I remember reading that the statement "They can take your world. etc" Is reflective of his mindset at the end of the game, so maybe the dive that comes after is also out of order. I can't really imagine which seven hearts would need saving after KH3, but there are seven friends in need of saving at the point you suggested.
  5. 1. With Aqua I could have easily imagined it being placed before Sora shows up. But with the RAX one I'm not so sure. I like the idea of the fights we see in the trailer being part of the additional scenario if the rewinding time again thing actually happens, even if that means we have to play through the graveyard twice. 3. Hard to say, if we use the usual KH logic, Roxas should have lost a lot of his power in the same way Sora often does. But it really didn't seem that way in vanilla KH3, so I'd imagine he'd have just as easy of a time taking him down as Sora did. 4. Agreed, instead I feel like Luxord would interrupt Xigbar mid-sentence now. 5. Personally I never took it to be so literal. I though Xigbar was more emphasizing how Luxord doesn't know who he his himself and implying that Luxord might be more important than he seems. But from what I've seen so far I'm alone in that reading.
  6. Your suggestions for additions sound reasonable enough. Though I don't see much point in them adding that dialog back to the Toy Box world, unless they're planting seeds for a later game by establishing parallels. I low key hope that the secret episode in the Re:Mind DLC will be Sora going after Kairi. It seems like such a weird thing to side step and immediately resolve, it could have actually served as a set up for a game (we've gotten games out of less)
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