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  1. The thread title is a bit confusing. I love board games like UNO and Arkham Horror.
  2. Well said. In Dark Souls you could rely on shields and poise as well as phantoms. Shields and heavy tanking were removed in Bloodborne. But in Sekiro your options are limited. Yeah, you can get upgrades for your health and prosthetic tools, but you would have received them anyway thanks to linear progress - https://www.reddit.com/r/Sekiro/comments/b4m7xb/for_those_who_have_been_playing_this_a_lot_how/ Don't get me wrong, the Sekiro is great, but it really makes me mad and uncomfortable sometimes. I even switch to indie games like Hello Neighbor or Psychonauts just to calm down during playtrough. Those are my favorites, I learnt every corner of these games. Okay, now off to Genichiro again...
  3. Fighting Force. I have not seen good beat 'em up games for a long time
  4. There are so many games from PS2 era which I want to be redone. I'm happy that Resident Evil remake got proper treatment, though it would be nice to see new version of Dino Crisis also . My other dream is new Warcraft-related game. I'm not a hardcore Blizzard fan but I play WoW and Hearthstone a lot. I even hired a coach on e2p to play better and get ranks faster. By the way, I'm glad about WoW Classic Release and waiting for Warcraft 3 Reforged. How do you think is there a chance we will ever get Warcraft 2 remake?
  5. Same here. There's plenty of okayish games based on Naruto and One Piece, for example. Why they couldn't make a similar one?
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