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  1. Again, you didn't answer my question... is there a particular reason you think this, like something that was said somewhere that I may have missed? Calling it a *countdown* points to it being spread out.
  2. Source? Or rather, what is this based on? The reason I think it'll be spread out is because they're calling it a 'countdown'. Plus, if it's that many quests, all the more reason for it. Also yet a third reason is they're saying April 30 (or 29 since it's a Thursday) is the final update, which is around when JP ends, literally a day before. So they will give JP players *one day* to play a huge update? Highly unlikely if it's really that big.
  3. I know your phrasing doesn't go against this, and correct me if I'm wrong, but... they did say Global's final story update is also an April, correct? With the app still running through May.
  4. I was gonna say, this is news? I mean sure, a story update is nice, but there's one almost every month (November notwithstanding), an update-less month happens as rarely as maybe once a year. There's also the notice saying it at the start of every month. I just thought there might have been an announcement that made this one stand out since I've never seen a whole article posted about it here unless that's the case (like when Nomura said the following four months would have major story development a year ago). I guess it's nice to hear since last month we were starved of one.
  5. Good to know that they CAN in fact release back-to-back story updates in Japanese and English. They don't need "weeks to translate". There goes that theory about UX's story.
  6. Circle of Life? A Whole New World? Those have definitely never been in KH (though the Corona battle theme does kind of sound like "I can show you the world..."). So they kind of lied when they said the only new tracks would be the Dearly Beloved and Credits.
  7. Well I mean it will still probably have some Ralph, maybe the end - the player is still there. Maybe we finally leave?
  8. Well I tried using it on a completely different browser altogether that I almost never use, and still don't see a comment field. EDIT: Tried doing it on my phone, and still no comment field. Maybe it's my account? Am I banned/blocked from commenting or something? This is what it looks like.
  9. Hopefully this is the right place to ask this... was torn between here and general. Anyway, this might sound dumb - but on the main KH13.com site, I cannot seem to be able to comment on news posts. I know I have before and maybe the layout changed, but I looked high and low and the comment field is nowhere to be found, nor is there a comment button. I tried even in a different browser to see if maybe it required a weird pop-up mechanic that mine was blocking - but nope. I don't think they are locked either - when I was attempting to, the most recent comment was less than an hour prior. So... where the hell is the comment field?!
  10. I guess we'll see in two weeks. Also, think you meant "hope" instead of "wish". "Wish" implies we are already wrong.
  11. Call me crazy but now I think we will actually get a second story update in July. Here's why. So the one we just got yesterday was unexpected since they come usually late in the month, and in the July event schedule although it didn't give an exact date, it just said "LATE July". But also more importantly the one we just got was actually supposed to be June's update, and the one we got in late June was supposed to be May's. There was a bit of a delay in back scheduling for obvious reasons. But back in January we DID get a schedule of when we'd have main story updates, as opposed to just filler. They said March, April, July, and August. March had one, April... had one that got pushed back to first week of May, next one (which was supposed to be May's) came in late June, finally the one the was supposed to be June's came yesterday. Since the notice at the beginning of the month said "late July", it makes me think they planned to rush back to staying true to the intended schedule and give July's originially-intended update actually in July. Since after all it was supposed to be a main story advancement, as told in January.
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