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  1. At first I read "axes" as a verb and thought the franchise was getting rid of a femme one-piece dress 🤣
  2. Might be a dumb question, but with today's technology - would it be possible to patch these into the game in an update?
  3. Given what the series is used to, I saw the first line of the title and got super worried and concerned that Nomura was actually trying to make a canon explanation for "how Sora found his way into SSB". But yeah, you sure it's solely that and not over a decade of fan demands for it?
  4. The anniversary is in March. I'd like to believe it is celebrated with a release of something, and not a mere announcement. And since that's pretty early in 2022, I would say it's reasonable to count on an announcement of something either now or TGS. Waiting until Jump Festa would be cutting it close announcing something only three months prior. TGS is also pretty likely though since September is when Dark Road becomes playable offline and most importantly, ends its story. Lol and still no update for Global - but I guess tomorrow is a possibility since JP got it last Monday? ?‍♂️
  5. I wouldn't exactly say watching them by playing through the game in one sitting (well a few sittings, but a scenario where it's all there and there is no waiting for updates) is necessarily more 'engaging'.
  6. Again, you didn't answer my question... is there a particular reason you think this, like something that was said somewhere that I may have missed? Calling it a *countdown* points to it being spread out.
  7. Source? Or rather, what is this based on? The reason I think it'll be spread out is because they're calling it a 'countdown'. Plus, if it's that many quests, all the more reason for it. Also yet a third reason is they're saying April 30 (or 29 since it's a Thursday) is the final update, which is around when JP ends, literally a day before. So they will give JP players *one day* to play a huge update? Highly unlikely if it's really that big.
  8. I know your phrasing doesn't go against this, and correct me if I'm wrong, but... they did say Global's final story update is also an April, correct? With the app still running through May.
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