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  1. Yeah, that's what I love about these fights. I just got the Remind DLC from a friend recently, and it's been a ton of fun fighting the data org and seeing what's possible. I just did a 'the floor is lava' run of YX and Marluxia (for the most part) over the last 2 days, and it's crazy how well the fights actually work in the air.
  2. I'm thinking 1 hour at max, which I think is similar to what 0.2 had.
  3. The thing is though, the cutscenes are in the new UE4/KH3-style and this model is in the old PS2 style. So unless there's going to be brand new cutscenes in the old style again, there wouldn't be any purpose to this old model unless she was playable.
  4. The new kairi render looks sweet. I definitely think she's playable now because there's no reason to give her an old engine render if she's only going to be in UE4/KH3-style cutscenes. My hope is that we fight the final boss as her and then after beating the game, she's unlocked for all songs.
  5. Sweet! I think that practically confirms Kairi being playable since I don't see any reason for them to make that render if she's only going to be in the UE4 cutscenes. I'm assuming she'll fight the final boss, but part of me also hopes that once we beat the game, she'll be unlocked for all songs. As a side note, it's nice to see Waltz of the Damned is finally officially confirmed, since we've had a clue from the ESRB rating.
  6. CoM also doesn't have one IIRC. The Roxas video at the end just plays as long as you beat R/R.
  7. It was confirmed in interviews that there won't be a secret ending in this game, and based on the ps4 trophy list if you go for that, the platinum requires you to get a full chain for 50 songs on Proud, so fortunately not all of them, ha
  8. Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot that probably counts as Dark Realm, especially since it's from 0.2 like you said.
  9. I think the opening is Simple and Clean because in the 2nd trailer, they showed Sora doing a Memory Dive to that song but there was no UI and the background video was playing clips from across the whole series.
  10. From some japanese interviews that came up I think around the time the last trailer went up, we also know: Wonder of Electron was confirmed so I imagine the System Sectors - or some equivalent to represent Re:Coded - could be added as a world From the leaked trophy list a while ago, we also know the following are confirmed since their world icons appear in the trophy thumbnail: (spoiler tagging just in case) Also, Beast's Castle and End of the World was confirmed in the final trailer since they're seen on the world map. I don't remember Dark World and The Final World being confirmed as playable though?
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