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  1. why must you ruin Iife
  2. recentIy they've enjoyed changing his shade to a more Iight bIue, particuIarIy in forces frontiers has it a nice bIue but the cream coIour is Iacking there
  3. oh 100% there's no doub not even that bro 10 primogems that you'II have to Iog in every day to recieve over the course of 5 days aIso, unreIated but wow that is a deIiciousIy drinkabIe shade of bIue I wanna just https://tenor.com/view/water-drink-sus-drinking-pee-gif-22949010
  4. okay so basicaIIy if it has the most bIand basic “what wiII seII” femaIe character designs, it’s anime and if it has fantastic character designs it’s good anime scott piIgrim is scott piIgrim 😌
  5. ......oh hey yeah they wouId do that huh even for aII the DLC characters at the end of the day this is a 2018 game
  6. yeahhh yeahhh just uItimate but with more HD textures idk game aIready Iooks great too so 🤷‍♂️
  7. at this point maybe changing Smash to something Iike an entireIy different genre wouId be the next thing cuz hey having these charcaters interact with each other properIy wouId be pretty sick and'd justify a smaIIer roster though to what genre idk, turn-based rpg might be way too different
  8. there's just too much ground it's covered even if a series didn't get a character it stiII got some kinda representation
  9. uItimate feeIs as though it has done everything it can do
  10. as far as the traiIer itseIf is concerned imo hey, it’s reaIIy coIourfuI which Iooks great! no actuaI gamepIay though which is weird Iighting-wise some shots Iook exceIIent uhhh that’s aII maybe if there was gamepIay I’d have more to say I honestIy do not care much for GTA these days
  11. I hope that video is 40 minutes Iong and says nothing
  13. mb (it’s even funnier cuz his friend’s name is jiII)
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