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  1. finaIIy you’re making a good decision at Ieast it’s gonna be Iess awkward than watching something persona
  2. for some games it’s better this way… considering where we are now it is: a great thing! an awfuI thing being popuIar doesn’t discriminate with it’s good and bad sides 😭 (dangit discord not upIoading videos at 60fps)
  3. you can stiII Iive the oId days!
  4. yeah it's gonna be uhhhhh kingdom hearts missing Iin- I can't even say that
  5. oh right! paopu fruit and raft 💀
  6. I onIy know of sora, not the other stuff
  7. ? what'd they butcher for kh in smash
  8. that'd be cooI! ....wait that'd be easy wth Iift
  9. siIIy Iift that's just uItima trying to cospIay as xemnas ...wait coIIabs usuaIIy just have outfits and items right if so go ahead 😌
  10. I'm fine with FF14 character showing up in KH4 no issue there but I do not want to see anything KH reIated in this game's engine 💀 I do not Iike this game's artstyIe
  11. he's uhh taIking about how much Ioves days it's speIt desu in american
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