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My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War

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Sweet Christmas, it's finally here! The final installment in your epic trilogy! Boy, oh boy, I can't wait to see how this finale will play out! And the fact that the story will play on two different fronts is most interesting indeed! I'll be looking forward to reading all of it thoroughly, old friend! :D

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Part I


Chapter 1: Just a Boy

      Polemistis was just a young boy of about eight years of age. He had absolutely no one. No family, no friends, no relatives, no one to be connected to. He was basically an orphan. His parents are a mystery and he knows nothing about them. However, he can assume who they were. As someone who lived in Daybreak Town, seeing a person wielding a weapon called a Keyblade was common. He basically lives in a Keyblade wielding town. Polemistis doesn't have a home actually. He is one that roams wherever he can and may. Keyblade wielders have actually offered to him to stay with them for a night. He never stayed for more than one.

      "You can stay for as long as you like you know," they would say.

      "Yeah, but I want to be tough when I am older," Polemistis would respond. "I have to make fending for myself my life. If I can't do that, I won't ever become a Keyblade wielder."

      "The Keyblade chooses the master you know," they would respond. "It chooses a worthy heart and submits to the master."

      "I know that," Polemistis would reply "that's why I am going to make myself worthy." That would be the typical conversation between Polemistis and whomever he stayed a night with.

      Getting food was something he did on his own by acquainting himself with the vendors around. Yes, he did become good friends with the Moogles. They don't just sell items you know. They are giving him special fruits and other foods. They know he is a loner and keep him fed well. Whenever they have limited time foods and fruits, they make sure he can try them. Yes, they become good friends with Polemistis and he always treated them well and defended them should a Keyblade wielder give them grief for their prices. Polemistis had the Moogles here and there and once in a while, he would stay with Keyblade wielders in their residences, but overall, he had him and no one else to be with.

      He has seen Keyblades be summoned and has saw them in action. He wants to be a Keyblade wielder and wants to get there by himself (shocking, no?). He wants to earn it by trying to be tough and fending for himself. He sees these Keyblade wielders fight these dark creatures they call heartless. It's weird because some release hearts and others don't. He didn't get it, but it still did not stop his amazement at seeing a Keyblade. He always made sure to watch Keyblade wielders in action and socializing from the shadows. He didn't want to intrude nor be caught eavesdropping. It was so cool to see these guys and girls older than him holding these weapons destroying these heartless and using magic. He wishes to be like them someday and hopes that he can get one whether he has a worthy heart already or not and make it so.

      Too often, Polemistis has come across Keyblade wielders talking to each other and talking about the Foretellers and the Master. He never saw them before. Only in this circumstance has he come to know of them, but doesn't know them personally. He will know who they are when he sees them because his heart will let him know. While he has imagined them as strong, hearing Keyblade wielders say so only makes his fantasy even better. He could only imagine what they could do and how powerful they are. He has yet to see them, but for him, no Foretellers until he's a Keyblade wielder. Only then can he see them.


      The Foretellers just had an audience with the Master about everything that is to come. They also came across the dark passage in the Book of Prophecies that foretold a war taking place on fated soil. That to them most likely means in Daybreak Town. However, they don't have a clue on how to get things fixed.

      "So what is it now that we do?" Aced asked.

      "Well there are the Keyblade wielders we could recruit," Ira replied.

      "But Ira, we can't tell them the truth can we?" Ava asked. "What will they think? It could create chaos if we told them that darkness will destroy everything and their lives will be taken."

      "Maybe that might be a reason why," Invi responded. "We tell them the truth, but we could give them incentive on how to do so."

      "We form unions," Gula said. "Invi has a good point, but as for how we go along saving the light, that will be done differently amongst us. I can sense that if we try to work together, we will make it horrid for us so we must create separate unions. It's also what he told us to do to keep a balance." From then on, the Foretellers went off into the world and recruited Keyblade bearers to join the unions of Leopardos, Unicornis, Anguis, Vulpes, and Ursus. Time goes by and the unions are well oiled machines functioning like them. They have increased dramatically in size and recruitment is still happening. Not as fast, but slowly with new blood coming in person by person. Gula was walking around the Fountain Square and thinking to himself. A Keyblade wielder came up to him reporting on what he just did. Gula nodded, thanked him, and gave him a new assignment in a new world. The Leopardos member put his fist to his heart and nodded in a warrior's salute and then went off into a light corridor and disappeared. Gula continued to think to himself.

      It has been a while since that day when they split into unions. Yes the unions are all on their own and doing their thing, but whenever they have contact, it contains friction of rivalry. It seems friendly, but it has also shown to be at times lukewarm and even cold depending on who comes across who. It concerns Gula a bit because he doesn't want this to add fuel to a fire that has been foretold to burn and burn everything. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he became the culprit that fed the fire let alone be one of five of them. He sat at the fountain in the square for a while still contemplating everything that is coming. What he can't ignore, but has tried to is the Lost Page. What it has, why it was taken out, and what it foretells as well. These are answers he hasn't learned yet, but wants to before time runs out. Right now though, the atmosphere feels stable so he doesn't feel a need to worry.

      He then gets up from the fountain and walks on. Meanwhile, he notices a young boy walking in the street. He has his back turned to him and is standing about twenty yards away. Gula was about to call to him when both his heart and instincts told him to remain out of sight and keep an eye on him. Gula already senses the power of the Keyblade in this boy, which is very unusual because worthy hearts are not developed fully until adolescence. This boy he sees has a fully developed worthy heart. However, he also senses the boy hasn't discovered the power just yet. Why? Probably because he was never given a reason to do so nor was ever in a situation that allowed it. He's just a boy though. How could it be for him? It is though and Gula knows it. This is not only a future Leopardus member, but Gula senses and sees a powerful Keyblade wielder about ready to be born.

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Niiice, so we're diving into Polemistis's perspective from the get go, eh? Pretty darn awesome! I'm loving how you're weaving in Unchained X's story with your own! Excellent work as always, brother! Amazing beginning to an amazing story! :D


Edit: And here's the cover for the story, as you asked! :3




Looking forward to the rest, brother! :D

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Chapter 2: A Warrior Has Arisen

      Polemistis was walking to the Moogle shop as he always does one morning. Today felt no different than any other day. In fact, it kind of has been that way for a long time. He always kept out of sight of Keyblade wielding groups for as long as he can remember. Because of that, there is nothing new he can experience. However, he has once in a while saw something cool, but what was at first cool became just like anything else: common. He had yet to get a Keyblade. Sometimes he had his hand out in front of him and tried to summon one, but nothing happened of course. In his young age, he would get impatient sometimes and frustrated because he wanted to be a Keyblade bearer so badly. He had to remind himself how he was still young and not fully developed in body and heart and both need to be strong and fully developed for a Keyblade to be taken up. He also had to remind himself he wasn't worthy yet and that could take a lifetime to accomplish.

      Walking to the Moogle shop, he came across the moogles as always as they were busy going about moving wares from place to place.

      "Good morning kupo!" one moogle said. "I hope you slept well kupo."

      "Morning," Polemistis replied. "I slept alright."

      "Did you sleep at someone's place kupo?" another moogle asked. Polemistis just shook his head.

      "WHAT?!" the Moogle carrying large boxes shouted. He ended up crashing and things went all over the place. Polemistis cringed and closed his eyes just as the incident happened. He opened them up and there was a mess all over the place and moogles slowly approached the mess.

      "What have you done kupo?!" the moogle speaking to Polemistis rebuked the other one. "Look at this! Well? Go on! Clean it all up kupo!" Immediately the moogles started scurrying and flying around getting everything cleaned up. The moogle turned back to Polemistis.

      "What do you mean? You slept in the open air?" the moogle asked.

      "Yup," Polemistis replied. "I have to toughen myself up so no bed is probably something I will need to get used to." The moogle just sighed and shook his head looking down.

      "Kupo, didn't you think that there is a possibility that you might not ever become one?" the moogle asked.

      "No," Polemistis said immediately. It shocked the moogle. "I know I can become one. I wasn't born into this place for no reason. I know I was born to be a Keyblade wielder. I just... never saw any sign that I will become one soon. I still have hope and if that's all I have, then I don't have anything else. Hey, a kid can dream right?" Polemistis laughed a bit making the moogle chuckle a bit, smile, and again shake his head.

      "Oh kupo..." the creature said. Soon, the mess was all cleaned up and Polemistis got his usual morning fruits. He then went on his way eating them.


      Gula was mostly concealing himself around the corner of a house. He watched Polemistis talk to the moogle and heard everything that Polemistis said. He found himself dumbfounded. The boy was merely... seven? Eight? How could he be so alone? Has he really no one to be with him? Yet, how on earth could he be so okay with being alone? What is it about him? In fact, that is exactly the point. It is what it is about him. Gula did feel something powerful within the boy. It is growing stronger moment by moment. In fact, he feared the boy in a way. The boy already has a strong power that hasn't been awoken yet, but it is growing day by day. This boy could end up surpassing himself. Maybe end up matching the Master. Gula went into a light corridor and decided to return back to the quarters.

      Gula was pacing to himself when the other Foretellers came in. They looked at him with confusion.

      "Gula? Are you alright?" Invi asked. Gula did not respond.

      "What's wrong? You look fearful of something," Ira said. Still no response.

      "You know what we must do," Aced said. "Have you managed to scare yourself because of that?"

      "I came across a boy," Gula said.

      "Be more specific because there are plenty of them in the unions including yours," Ava said. Gula just shook his head.

      "No, this boy is only seven or eight," Gula said.

      "Okay, so what about him? He isn't a Keyblade wielder yet," Ira replied. "I bet he doesn't even have the developed heart to become worthy."

      "That's just it. I sense he already does," Gula responded back. Shock came across everyone in the room.

      "What do you mean he is?!" Aced demanded.

      "I sense he already is a Keyblade wielder with the power in slumber," Gula replied. "In fact, I sense an immense power within him ready to awaken. The thing that scares me is he could be stronger than all of us once the power awakens, he grows in age and wisdom, and learns to bring it to its greatest heights. I fear he could match the Master." Silence filled the atmosphere of the room.

      "Gula, why don't you take him then?" Ava suggested. Gula snapped his attention toward her. "You know, seeing as how you already saw him, you already claimed him as a member."

      "Ava's right," Invi interjected. "He is one of yours now. Instead of fearing him, why not take him in and embrace him? If he could help avoid the war, then you should take him in." Gula nodded in understanding. Thinking about it, he smiled because he sees someone who could save the world one day.


      Polemistis got up the next day and walked around Daybreak Town. He was passing by a Keyblade wielder's house and he waved to them. The Keyblade wielder waved back and smiled. Polemistis continued to walk through the streets of Daybreak Town. He was heading to the Waterfront Park. It was something he did every so often. Something to avoid the same old same old. It was nice standing by the water in the park. He looked out and just daydreamed what being a Keyblade wielder is like. He then heard something behind him. Look toward the center of the park, a male Keyblade wielder was fighting a group of heartless. He held a cool looking Keyblade and was wearing a cool black outfit. Polemistis kept quiet and just watched the Keyblade wielder do his thing. It was so cool seeing him use all these attacks and spells. Some of these he has never seen in a while. Others were new to Polemistis and he was awed at the sight of them. The Keyblade bearer did not know Polemistis was there so once the heartless were gone, he turned to go back to town.

      "Wow..." Polemistis said to himself. It fueled his desire to be a Keyblade wielder once again. He knew that one day, he will become one. It's a dream he won't let go. What else does he have? Friends? Yeah right. Family? Nope. He's an orphan. So he has nothing except a dream. If that's all he has, then that's all he will hang on to even until he passes on. Polemistis decided to go back into town after having spent enough time at the Waterfront Park. He walked up the stairs and on his way to the Fountain Square. He decided to sit by the fountain and just look around in thought. He actually sat facing toward the clock tower. Looking up, he stared at it in wonder. That's where the Foretellers reside and where their mysterious master lives as well. He never saw them and his wondering at what they are like flared up again. After wondering for about ten minutes, he decided to go on his way.

      He took a mere three steps when all of a sudden, heartless appeared and surrounded him. There were shadows and darkballs that surrounded him along with a few neoshadows. He immediately got scared as he never was confronted with them. He had to remind himself to be tough, but his fear was still present and he had trouble suppressing it. Suddenly, in his right hand, light surrounded his hand and took a shape. A shing sound was heard and the light disappeared. In his hand, he was holding a Keyblade. Polemistis was stunned to see it in his hand, but he had to snap back because a shadow jumped at him. He looked and swung the Keyblade with two hands toward the heartless and destroyed it. He then got a new dose of confidence and no longer felt scared. Polemistis then went after the rest of the heartless that jumped after him. He was able to defeat them all and they released some kind of light. Polemistis at the end was panting and looked back at the Keyblade he held with amazement.

      He dreamed of one day holding one of these. He always thought that he would have to be older to become a Keyblade wielder and yet, here he stands holding a Keyblade. He is a Keyblade wielder now and has been chosen by it. He heard steps approaching from behind him, but he was still looking at his Keyblade with mouth open in shock. Then, he felt a hand on his left shoulder. He looked to his left and up and sees a person in a leopard hood smiling down at him. He knew immediately who this was.

      "You're... you're..." Polemistis could say.

      "Come," the Foreteller said. "A warrior has awoken and now I must take you up and teach you the ways of being a Keyblade wielder." The Foreteller put his arm around Polemistis's shoulders and walked with him. Polemistis was stunned and couldn't say anything. His dream comes true, but now he is walking with one of the Foretellers and is being taken in by him.

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Niiice!!! I think it's awesome that we're getting to see how Polemistis, the one from the age of Fairy Tales, came to be! To think that an orphan boy so young could have the capacity to wield the Keyblade...that's awesome! :D


But dang, he has harsh thinking! So he doesn't consider the moogles or the people that let him stay in their houses to sleep as friends? That's kinda sad! xD But anyways, great chapter man, as always! :D

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LOVE IT and the cover art great job KH3 and transcendent key i really like the way the story is progressing if my old friends and fans were still here from the old days we'd be all over this preassuring you to keep going i look forward to more :D

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Chapter 3: Bestowed Role

      Polemistis said absolutely nothing as he walked with Master Gula. He couldn't say anything at all. He was too stunned to be in the embrace of a Foreteller. Master Gula had his arm around the young boy's shoulders and walked with him like a best friend would through Daybreak Town. This was amazing to Polemistis. Not only did his dream come true, but now he is with a Foreteller. There was no one around as they walked together through Daybreak Town. They reached the Clock Tower Area in front of the waterfall coming from the tower. Polemistis merely looked up at the tower in stunned silence. He has seen this tower from afar, but now he gets to be near it?! This couldn't get any better! Polemistis then looked at Master Gula.

      "Uh... Master... Gula?" he managed to say. "Why are we here? Where are we going?"

      "Well, I noticed you were looked up at the tower where we Foretellers reside," the Foreteller replied. "You were looking up at our destination. Yes, I am taking you into our abode where we gather and meet just the five of us, us five with the Master, one on one with the Master, and so on." Polemistis gasped at the answer. Okay, this was it; it couldn't get better than this. A place that has tickled Polemistis's fancy for some time and now he gets to go there with the master here. He was brought by Master Gula to an underground way that apparently led to the tower and so they went up and up. It was a pretty long trip, but they made it up to the headquarters of the Keyblade masters. Gula walked ahead of Polemistis some taking his arms off of Polemistis's shoulders while the boy had his mouth open in shock and looking around.

      "Wow..." he said. It stunned him that he is standing in the very place all the Foretellers have gathered with the Master.

      "I figured you would be amazed," Gula said with back turned to the boy. "We gather here to talk about all things including Keyblade wielders." Gula then turns around. "Seeing as how you are a Keyblade wielder, I will have to now teach you the ways of being a Keyblade wielder starting with the basics of course."

      "Thanks, but I think I have to do this myself," Polemistis said. Gula tilted his head slightly and mouthed "oh?" in reply.

      "I did not get this with help," the boy continued. "I had to live alone and make my life the best I could. I didn't have any friends and I didn't stay with anyone. I did stay at a Keyblade wielders' place for a night, but then I left the next morning. I feel like my toughness and me being alone for my entire life made me able to earn the Keyblade. Thank you for wanting to teach me, but I think that I have to learn by myself." Gula began to laugh and he shook his head a bit.

      "Huh?" Polemistis said.

      "The Keyblade doesn't choose the tough ones and the ones that can make it on their own," Gula said. "Sure it might have contributed to its choosing, but it was minimal at best. The Keyblade chooses the worthy heart to obey." Gula then walked up to the boy and put his right hand on Polemistis's shoulder.

      "I knew the moment I first saw you, you were a worthy one," the Foreteller continued. "I felt your heart was worthy to possess the power. I knew you possessed it. I wondered why you never discovered it, but then I realized that you were never given the chance. I waited for the chance to see you awaken the power and I did not that long ago. Not only are you a naturally born worthy wielder, but I sense an immense power within you... awaiting to awaken." Gula silently took a few steps backward. Then he gasps and sees in the young boy's place, a kid appearing to be in his late teens to twenty years of age in his place wearing clothing only those with great power can wear holding the Keyblade in hand and the front portion of his hair and bangs spiked up.

      "Master Gula? You okay?" Polemistis asked. Gula blinked a couple times and he sees the young boy again in the place of what he saw.

      "I saw it," Gula said. "I saw you in many years from now. Grown up and stronger with strength rivaling myself and the rest of us; a powerful warrior. Come, if you wish to be that warrior, you must learn everything and I will help you get there." Polemistis nodded in understanding realizing that his future is in this and if he is a foreseen warrior of immense strength, he must listen to Master Gula. Gula then put his hand to his heart.

      "May your heart be your guiding key," Gula said. Polemistis put his fist to his heart, bowed his head, closed his eyes. He then raised his head, opened his eyes, and nodded.

      "Yes Master Gula," Polemistis replied. He then summoned his Keyblade again. "Master, just wondering, what is the name of this Keyblade I'm holding?" Gula paused for a long moment and then finally spoke.

      "Ultimate Apocalypse, the Keyblade of judgment," he replied. "You possess great power and I will teach you how to control and master this power." The boy nodded and then master and student began training together in private sessions with the input of other Leopardus union members. Meanwhile, Polemistis is learning and absorbing everything fast.


Many years later...

      Polemistis was now around twenty years of age. He has been learning under Master Gula for over a decade of his life. He has grown so much in power, wisdom, and even size. He now has biceps, a six pack, basically, he is a muscular kid now. He has grown taller too now about six feet tall give or take a couple of inches. His hair is now spiked up in the bangs and front portion. He became what Master Gula foresaw many years ago. The thing is, he hasn't shown off his abilities yet so the jury is still out for the moment on whether he truly is what Gula sensed in him. Now, however, came the moment of truth.

      Polemistis was pointing his Keyblade Ultimate Apocalypse into the sky and looked up at it and held it in a pose in the middle of the Fountain Square. He had a smile on his face because now he has learned everything that he must know as a Keyblade wielder. Master Gula was standing by with arms crossed looking at his student, or rather, his union member.

      "It warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye to see the young boy I first came across so long ago has grown so much," Gula said. Polemistis put his Keyblade down by his side, looked at Gula, and nodded.

      "So master, what would you like for me to do now?" Polemistis asked.

      "Well now we need to test you," Gula replied. "I need to see if you are indeed ready to go out and fulfill your duties as a Keyblade wielder and as one of the members of the union." A jolt was felt all around and then a mere ten feet away from them, a Darkside rose up out of the pavement. Polemistis gasped as he saw the massive heartless appear and stand at full stature and stare at him.

      "Ah, perfect," Gula said. "This is your first test. You must defeat this heartless and if you do so, you've proven yourself worthy to be an official member of Leopardos. If not, you will need more time under my instruction. Understand?" Polemistis put his Keyblade-holding fist to his heart and nodded.

      "May my heart be my guiding key," Polemistis said. He then looked back at the heartless and took stance. He then jumped up and swung down at the head of the heartless. It swiped at him knocking him back down to the ground, but Polemistis still stood on his feet. The heartless then put its hand into the ground and a dark pool surrounded its arm and Shadows appeared around it. Polemistis used Thundaga and then Thunder Barrage on the heartless making sure to hit the Darkside as well. The Darkside stood up fully and dark energy appeared in the heart-shaped gap in the middle of its body. Polemistis could tell that it was a powerful attack the creature was about to unleash. If it hits him, he's done for. Polemistis jumped toward the gap and stabbed his Keyblade into the energy. It caused the heartless to become weak and fall onto its knees. Polemistis then charged up a ton of energy and started striking it over and over with great speed and power. He then pointed his Keyblade at the creature's head and charged up light energy. He then fired it all in a massive beam toward its head. The creature was stunned and dazed for a second after the beam disappeared. The heartless then dissipated and disappeared releasing little lights.

      Polemistis floated back down toward the ground panting a little. He hears clapping and looks to Gula and sees him clapping. The Foreteller had a big grin on his face.

      "Bravo!" he exclaimed. "That was great! So that was the first test to see how well you handle one large enemy. Now, this is the test that will determine how you can handle numerous, smaller enemies." Shadows, neoshadows, shadowballs, and other heartless appeared around Polemistis. Polemistis took stance again and looked around surveying his enemies with a determined look. He then nodded.

      "Don't worry master, I can handle this," Polemistis said with confidence. A shadow then jumped to attack him and he merely swung his Keyblade without really looking and struck it defeating it. A neoshadow was about to pounce on him and land on his back, but Polemistis teleported behind the heartless and put his Keyblade through it defeating it. He then fought the other heartless, but it took multiple strikes to defeat them. He showed however a flow and grace in his fighting multiple enemies. Not one heartless was able to get close to him to hurt him. Using aerials and backflips puts a flair into his fighting. It impressed Gula very much because he has never seen any of his union members fight this way.

      "Okay, that's it," Polemistis said to the heartless still remaining. "You're all incredibly annoying!" He then curled up and then unleashed an unbelievable amount of light energy upwards into the sky. Gula had to shield his face from the whole thing. All heartless were destroyed in the massive upward blast of light power and once it disappeared, Polemistis was panting harder now. Gula slowly uncovered his face and looked toward Polemistis. Shock and awe were written on the Foreteller's face as what he has sensed in the boy so long ago is indeed true. Gula nodded at Polemistis.

      "A great warrior has arisen," Gula said. He then walked up to Polemistis and put his hand on the kid's shoulder. "You are now ready. You have shown me just some of your power. I sense more within you. In time, you will unlock it all and control it. Now, I bestow on you your duty. Go out and collect lux and battle the darkness that approaches. From me personally, I couldn't be more honored to have you as a union member. " Polemistis put his palm to his heart and bowed. He then put his arm around the shoulders of Gula and laughed a bit. Gula was a little caught off guard, but he too smiled and laughed a bit.

      "I am also proud to call you my friend," Polemistis said with a grin.

      "Thank you, Polemistis," Gula responded with a grin.

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Wow, this was such an awesome chapter!  Gula definitely wasn't wrong when he spotted potential in Polemistis, and after many years of training, Polemistis has grown into a powerful Keyblade Wielder! I'm very intrigued and impressed by this well thought out backstory!  And OMG, you're using the catchphrase from X Back Cover!


"May your heart be your guiding key!" Gahh, shivers! Great job, man! :D

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Chapter 4: The First Encounter

      "So Master Gula, as an official member of Leopardos, what's my first mission?" Polemistis asked.

      "Quite simple actually," Gula responded. "Your mission is to collect lux. Doing so will help fight back the encroaching darkness and keep the balance. Try to collect as much as possible."

      "If I come across other Keyblade wielders, what do you recommend?" Polemistis asked.

      "They will respect you," Gula replied. "You are that great warrior I foresaw long ago when you were just eight years old. Now that you're about twenty, you have grown in size, strength, and most importantly, power. Anyone you come across will know that you have great power and will have to respect you. Some will call you 'rival' while others will call you 'friend', but they will​ respect you."

      "Yes master," Polemistis said.

      "May your heart be your guiding key," Gula said. "Best of luck Polemistis." Polemistis put his hand in a fist to his heart and nodded. He then opened a light corridor and went on his way. Polemistis wasn't sure where he would be going, but knew that wherever he was going, it was sure to be interesting. He came out of the corridor and found himself in an interesting land.

      "Where am I?" he wondered out loud. Hearing a poof next to him, he looked to his right and down to the ground. There was a little white and black striped creature that looked like a cat, but had a pink pouch with a star in the front and wore a cape. It was a Chirithy; Master Gula taught Polemistis about these.

      "You're in Dwarf Woodlands," it said in an adorable voice.

      "Is that so?" the Keyblade bearer asked. He was standing in the Flower Glade with the Queen's Castle to his left and the forest to his right. Just on the other side of the glade, heartless appeared.

      "Well, guess I better get started," Polemistis said summoning his Keyblade. Chirithy then vanished and Polemistis ran toward the heartless group and started having at it. There were shadows and neoshadows. There were also yellow operas, red nocturnes, and blue rhapsodies. They all started surrounding the Keyblade bearer as he went after them. Polemistis went after the shadows first and they were at first nonchalant, but then got aggressive as two jumped after him. Polemistis pulled a backflip and used Blade of Seven on them all hitting all heartless in the vicinity. That destroyed the shadows, but the neoshadows were left behind as well as the floating heartless. The nocturne attacked first and fired a fireball toward him. Polemistis struck it down and fired a Blizzard spell from his free hand. A neoshadow jumped on him and tried to strangle him, but he stomped on the foot, gave it an elbow to the middle, flipped the heartless over, and punched it twice before stabbing it. The two other neoshadows were about to claw him, but he used barrier and then created a light whip from the end of the blade and whipped it toward the neoshadows knocking them backwards. He then used Ice Raid on one and then with that ice on the Keyblade, he used Icicle Spear on the other. The Blue rhapsodies and red nocturnes still floating around were all about to attack in unison. Polemistis raised his free hand to the sky and lightning came down from clouds, struck the heartless and destroyed them.

      "Well that takes care of them," Polemistis said. "I wonder if there is anyone else around here?" The kid decided to head toward the forest and it immediately got dark. It was smart of him to not unsummon his Keyblade for he sensed that he would need to keep on guard. Sure enough, heartless popped out all over the woods and he immediately got to work firing spells and using his Keyblade. He did of course come across bag heartless and they got all giddy and tried throwing their contents at the warrior, but he merely hit it back. He then made them pay by firing an electric spell from his Keyblade toward them and destroyed them. He then fired a Mega Flare into the middle of the woods and when it exploded, all heartless in the area were defeated. Polemistis then unsummoned his Keyblade and kept going through the woods. He came out into the Cottage Clearing finding no one around. Looking inside the nearby cottage through the window, no one was home. The boy kept going and went to the the Mine Entrance and there, he managed to hear what sounds like plinking from within the mine. He went into the mine and saw seven dwarfs with pick axes digging. The mine was full of gems and precious stones that glittered and the dwarfs were going around and collecting them.

      "What? Who are ya?!" an angry voice shouted at him. A dwarf that looked grumpy apparently noticed Polemistis and demanded an answer. It surprised Polemistis and he couldn't answer at first.

      "I mean no harm whatsoever," Polemistis said.

      "Oh yeah?! How do we know you're not behind those monsters?!" the grumpy dwarf demanded.

      "You don't look like a bad fella," a dwarf that looked a bit happy said.

      "We've been sealing- I mean- dealing with these monsters see," a dwarf with glasses said "and they have been causing double- I mean- trouble here. Could you possibly get rid of them?"

      "Sure! Leave it to me!" Polemistis replied. He summoned his Ultimate Apocalypse and walked deeper into the mine. He did find heartless there, and lo and behold, they were bag heartless. They were more often bag o' jewels than the other types and they did not take long to clear out. When Polemistis was done, he came back to the dwarfs.

      "Okay, all clear," the kid said.

      "Oh gosh, why thanks there," a bashful looking dwarf said. Polemistis nodded and then left the mine. Heading the other way, he went back to the glade and he sees a Keyblade wielder just finish a black copter fleet. Then, a huge Darkside appeared and the Keyblade wielder started fighting it. Polemistis stayed put where he was for a while deciding against getting involved just yet. Then, the Keyblade wielder started looking worn down some and Polemistis ran up to him.

      "Hey! You alright?" Polemistis asked.

      "Yeah, I'm okay," the Keyblade wielder replied. "Why don't we do this together?" Polemistis nodded and both of them took stance and began attacking the heartless. They attacked the hands of it trying to weaken it, but it got more violent as the battle wore on. It started raining down dark orbs with white cores and the two Keyblade wielders had to dodge constantly until they decided to throw their Keyblades at the heartless's head. The weapons stuck into the head of it and then they exploded causing damage to the heartless. It was grabbing its head in pain and then the two Keyblade wielders cloaked their Keyblades in light and they began striking the head of the creature over and over. White streaks trailed the Keyblades whenever they were swung. The too of them raised their weapons over their heads and swung down and then created an explosion. They landed on their feet in stance and watched the Darkside dissipate and disappear. They were panting a little bit and then they unsummoned their Keyblades.

      "Thanks for your help," the Keyblade wielder said.

      "No problem at all," Polemistis replied. "I'm Polemistis of Leopardos. What's your name?"

      "I'm Kyrios of Vulpes," he replied. "I noticed that you're really strong."

      "Same thing with you," Polemistis replied. "I feel as though we have a special bond too. Even though we are of different unions, I feel like our hearts have been connected."

      "Me too," Kyrios said. "I feel like a bond has formed between us." They nodded at each other and grabbed each others right hand. Starting then, these two formed a bond that was strong and did not break and became something more than friends: brothers.

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Chapter 5: The Second Encounter

      Polemistis and Kyrios opened a light corridor and went on their way heading to another world. They talked a bit and got to know each other and talked about what they were asked to do by their masters. They strengthened their bond as they spoke to each other as they walked. They walk out of the corridor and end up in another interesting world. They appear to be near a thatch house and they see a table behind shrubs with many teapots on it and chairs lined up and down the table.

      "Where are we now?" Polemistis asked.

      "I am not sure," replied Kyrios. "This world is interesting. There isn't anything that has straight lines in detail." Hearing a poof, they look down to their left and see Chirithy again.

      "You guys are in Wonderland," the dream eater said. "You obviously must protect this place from heartless and collect that lux the Foretellers asked you to collect as part of your duties." The two Keyblade wielders nodded and the dream eater disappeared. They then went forward to carry out their mission. It took them only a few steps before heartless popped out. They summoned their Keyblades and they each noticed each others Keyblade.

      "Cool looking Keyblade," Polemistis complemented. "What's it called?"

      "Elemental Master," Kyrios said. "I can show you why it is called that, if you want."

      "Oh I think that will be a given," Polemistis said looking around at the nearby heartless. They take stance and start fighting them using different kinds of spells and attacks. Polemistis could not help it and noticed Kyrios and his fighting. Kyrios is using the elements in his magic. All kinds are being used: wind, fire, ice, light, dark, poison, earth, water, and electricity. Polemistis was amazed with Kyrios; he hasn't seen anyone use the elements as well as Kyrios. Not even Master Gula has ever shown such mastery of the elements. Sure he is a Foreteller and they are extremely strong and he has shown his usage of magic, but he has never, ever done what Kyrios has been doing.

      Kyrios cloaked his Keyblade in light and had a light orb float just in front of the end of his Keyblade. He then swung his Keyblade striking the heartless. The orb added a second punch to the strike. When a darkball was about to charge, Kyrios swung his Keyblade sending the orb flying to the heartless hitting it and destroying it. A red rose heartless was about to fire its attack, but Kyrios with his free hand waved it toward the heartless and fired a Blizzard spell from his hand and used it to move it around. He then had a fireball be moved around using his Keyblade as a pointer.

      Polemistis became less important to the heartless as they turned toward Kyrios instead of him. It amazed him watching his new friend fight. The way Kyrios uses the elements is so amazing and he does it with a grace and in ways Polemistis has never seen before. Lightning came down around Kyrios and struck all heartless surrounding him and destroyed them. He had his free hand raised to the sky summoning that spell. He lowered his hand and unsummoned his Keyblade as did Polemistis.

      "Wow! That was incredible!" Polemistis exclaimed. Kyrios put a hand behind his head and laughed a bit.

      "Heh heh, I had a feeling you would be amazed," Kyrios said with a smile. "So that's why it's called Elemental Master. I realized that I was able to use the elements to my advantage and in many ways. In fact, I was a young kid when I discovered this and my ability to wield a Keyblade. My ability to use the elements flashed here and there, but one day, the Keyblade appeared in my hands. Then on, it's all history and now you see me as I am."

      "Wow, I too obtained the Keyblade when I was young," Polemistis said. "I wanted to be a Keyblade bearer and thought I had to be tough and wait until I was older to get one. Well, circumstances sped things up and it appeared in my hands too and so here I am."

      "Heh, how about that?" Kyrios replied. They moved on and went to the Lotus Forest and there they found a girl with blonde hair just walking around.

      "Hello?" Kyrios called to her. She turned around and faced the two boys.

      "Why hello!" she replied. "It's good to see you. You see, I am looking for a white rabbit and I cannot seem to find him. Have you seen the white rabbit?" The boys shook their heads.

      "Oh dear, it appears I must continue my search for him," she said. "Thank you both. My name is Alice. Pleased to meet you." The boys nodded and Alice went on her way. Chirithy appeared next to the boys.

      "Keep an eye on her," the dream eater said. "She could get into trouble and we can't afford that." The boys nodded again and Chirithy disappeared again.

      "Light," Polemistis just said.

      "Makes sense," Kyrios replied. "Why don't we look around for more heartless?" Polemistis nodded and they walked on toward the Hedge Maze. There was shrubs taller than them and the plants created paths that went this way and that way. It was a pain to figure out how to get through, but they let their heart be their guiding key and it led them to the Queen's Court. There, they see someone standing at a podium. Past that, they see what appears to be the queen sitting in her throne with anger in her face. The white rabbit was there off to the side on a stand and card soldiers lined up on the sides.

      "Alright then, I will decide to let you go," the queen said to the boy. "If you EVER disturb the peace again, it'll be off with your head! Got it?!"

      "Yes your majesty," the boy replied.

      "Good! Now begone!" the queen shouted. The boy started walking out toward the exit of the court.

      "Let's go before she changes her mind," the boy said to Kyrios and Polemistis. They left and went back to the maze entrance.

      "What was that about?" Polemistis asked.

      "I was doing my job and destroying heartless," the boy replied. "Apparently, it spilled into the court and the queen was not too happy with it. I was charged with disturbing the peace and 'emotionally distressing a monarch'. I pleaded I was merely trying to keep the peace and so she decided to let me go."

      "So that's what that was," Polemistis said. Suddenly, a bunch of neoshadows appeared around them along with darkballs. They were tightly surrounded and so summoned their Keyblades. The boys were forced against each others backs and just kept their guard up.

      "We're in a tight situation," Kyrios said. The neoshadows jumped all at once on them. Unfortunately, the heartless became overwhelming and darkness was surrounding them. Everything became darker and they realized that they were being taken down by the darkness. They lost sight of Wonderland and darkness was taking its place. They also started feeling weaker and like they had no heart. Everything became black around them and they started losing it. Just as they were about to lose it completely, a bright light erupt and enveloped everything. They close their eyes and when they open, they see the boy standing with Keyblade glowing in white light and shining powerfully. The heartless were blinded and then disintegrated. Once the light retreated, it was just the three of them standing there.

      "Thank you," Polemistis said.

      "I had to," the boy said. "I'm Kidemonas of Unicornis."

      "Polemistis of Leopardos," Polemistis said.

      "Kyrios of Vulpes," Kyrios followed. "What is that Keyblade you hold?"

      "It's called Light's Redemption," Kidemonas replied. "It's called that because any light that's falling to darkness can always find a light to guide them back as well as save them. I learned at a young age that I am a guiding light and I have had dreams where I am saving someone from darkness. It was so weird and it always happened. Eventually, I came across the Keyblade while still young and then the rest is history."

      "Well it chose the right guy because you are certainly strong," Kyrios said.

      "Thanks. So do you guys as well," Kidemonas replied. "This time was also different than before. I have saved Keyblade wielders before from falling to darkness, but this time, I was with you two and I felt connected to both of you. Losing you both would have made me feel unbearable sorrow."

      "I think we can say we feel connected to you as well," Polemistis replied. "In fact, I think we all have formed something special between the three of us. Wouldn't you guys agree?" They nodded and smiled. Polemistis put his hand out in the middle and Kyrios and Kidemonas put stacked their hands on top. The bond that started between two people is now stronger with a third and they are closer now than ever.

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Chapter 6: The Third Encounter

      The three Keyblade wielders decided to walk through the maze to check for any more heartless so they can gather more lux. They notice the card soldiers marching through the maze and they hear a female protesting against them. It was Alice and she's clearly in trouble. They decide to go back the way they came and see what's happening. They find the girl standing at the podium Kidemonas was just recently and it appears to be a trial... her trial.

      "What are the charges?! Read them!" the queen demanded of the white rabbit.

      "The defendant stands accused of disturbing the peace," the rabbit read "threatening a government official, and causing emotional distress to a monarch."

      "Please," Alice begged "I didn't cause the monsters to disturb you or harm you. They attacked me too."

      "Nonsense!" the queen shouted. "You were there when they showed up! You caused them to show up!" Polemistis stepped forward and Alice turned and looked behind and saw the three bows.

      "Oh, I am glad you're here," she said. "Please help me plead my case."

      "Your highness," Polemistis said "Alice here is not behind the monsters. These appear on their own and no one can summon them at will."

      "So you're her accomplices eh?!" the queen accused him and his friends. "Read the charges!"

      "The defendant stands accused of providing aid to the enemy," the rabbit read off.

      "Are you kidding me?!" Polemistis protested "Woman, this isn't fair!"

      "Unless you bring forth evidence, you stand guilty!" the queen shouted. Polemistis turned back to his friends.

      "Great. Now what do we do?" Kyrios asked. Suddenly, soldier and air soldier heartless appeared all around them. They summoned their Keyblades and got into stance.

      "See! I knew they were guilty!" the queen shouted. The Keyblade wielders began fighting the heartless ignoring the exclamation. They were a nuisance to defeat since they were constantly moving around, but they managed. Luckily, it didn't take too long before the heartless were all defeated and so the boys moved on from there. They went to the maze to find heartless scattered around. This time, there were rhapsodies, operas, and waltzes scattered all around. The boys decided to split up to cover more area and had at it. One hit with a spell was enough to defeat the heartless they encountered so it did not take long before the maze was cleared out. Heading out of the maze to the lotus forest, they saw a Darkside in the middle of the forest. Bonding their forces together, they fought the large heartless and immediately took the upper hand in the fight. Not surprising since these boys have show great power already. Uniting their power together, they defeated the Darkside in a matter of minutes. They went back to the court to present their evidence.

      "Your highness," Polemistis said "we just defeated a large monster. It clearly was behind the monsters that attacked you and Alice here. We did not help in any way in causing you distress and we, therefore, plead not guilty to all charges." The queen looked angry still.

      "Thank you so much for helping," Alice said. She turned to the queen now. "So, may I have my verdict?" The queen growled and then let it go.

      "GUILTY!" she screamed.

      "What?!" the boys and Alice responded back with shock.

      "Off with their heads!" the queen demanded to her soldiers. The card soldiers began lining up.

      "Oh woman, you are out of your ever loving mind!" Polemistis shouted at her.

      "How dare you back sass me!" the queen screamed. "Guards! Seize them!" The boys summoned their Keyblades and got in front of Alice.

      "I will find a place to hide," she said and then she ran off. The three Keyblade bearers began fighting the card soldiers that stacked up in house formation. They were tough, but the Keyblade bearers did not falter. It was pretty soon before they managed to defeat the card soldiers and afterwards, ran out of the court to safety.

      They managed to head to a spot in the maze where the soldiers couldn't really get to easily and found Alice there.

      "That will do," she said. "That old woman is nothing more than a bad tempered old tyrant. No wonder she's so alone. Oh well, I guess I better be off. Thank you all for saving me." The Keyblade bearers nodded and Alice left. Chirithy appeared in the spot Alice was.

      "Nice job," it said. "You protected a very important light. Now there's another world you need to check out: Beast's Castle." The boys nodded and the dream eater disappeared. The guys opened a light corridor and departed from Wonderland. They talked about what they could see next in this world and decided to keep themselves more alert this time. Coming out of the corridor, they step onto a castle courtyard. It was dark out with snow coming down with some brushed up against corners.

      "Well, I guess we can start loo..." Kidemonas said before spotting a search ghost heartless wandering around. "Oh no you don't!" They all started running after the heartless as it entered into the castle through a front door slightly ajar. Upon entering the Foyer, heartless like the ghost as well as aeroplanes and some gargoyles have infiltrated the hall. The three boys started charging after the heartless striking them down and hitting them one by one. It was an effort seeing as how it takes multiple strikes to take them down. Suddenly, the three of them hear a roar from the background. It causes them to pause and they listen for it. Immediately, a creature comes down from the staircase. It's the beast. He immediately destroys all the heartless that were in the area and once he finishes, he huffs for breath. He turns toward them and the last thing they see is black before they realize they are in a cell.

      "Well this is just great," Kyrios said.

      "You guys too huh?" a boy from the other side said.

      "Yeah, we were just fighting heartless when he came," Kidemonas said. "Before we knew it, we found ourselves in this cell."

      "Same thing here," the boy said. "I'm Aiton of Anguis."

      "Polemistis of Leopardos."

      "Kidemonas of Unicornis."

      "Kyrios of Vulpes."

      "Huh, you know, even though I just met you guys," Aiton said "I feel like my heart has already bonded with all of yours."

      "We feel the same way too," Polemistis said. Just then, a woman, candelabra, clock, tea pot, and tea cup with a chip all came in through the door.

      "Hello there," the woman said. "I apologize for him. He really can be kind and gentle. He just doesn't like anyone coming in. I'm Belle." The four boys introduced themselves.

      "Nice to meet all of you," Belle said. "He is trying to defeat these monsters and we haven't had much success. Could you use your key swords and help?"

      "Absolutely. It's our duty," Polemistis replied.

      "Wonderful! Mon ami, let's go and tell the master!" the candelabra said.

      "I don't know if he will approve," the clock said.

      "Now there, I am sure the master will allow especially if Belle asks," the tea pot said.

      "Oh boy! This will be fun!" the chipped tea cup said. All of them went off to find the beast and try to convince him to allow the four keybearers to fight with them. The moment in the cell marked an important moment in their lives and in destiny as the formation of bonds is complete. 

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Chapter 7: The Supreme Elite

      The four boys were walking out of the cell behind Belle and the inhabitants of the castle. They were heading to the West Wing of the castle where the Beast is currently holed up. Polemistis then pauses for a second.

      "Oh hey!" he said "I just remembered something." The three others turned around. "I got this guilt bangle here." Polemistis showed them the device. "Master Gula gave it to me personally just before I finished my training under him. It's supposed to collect dark energy from the enemies we defeat."

      "I got one too," Kyrios said. "In fact, I believe the Foretellers handed them out to everyone they have recruited."

      "I believe they wanted us to use it to help wear down the darkness by stealing the dark energy," Kidemonas said.

      "There is just one thing though," Aiton said. "What happens to the dark energy we collect? Where does it go?" This made them a bit nervous for they did not know what happens to dark power that they collect. If they aren't using it, as forbidden by the Foretellers, what happens to it?


A dozen years ago...

      The Master was speaking to Luxu in the clock tower alone. He already told him what his role is and what he needed to bring along to execute the role. Luxu was about to leave the Master when he was called back.

      "Hold up there Speedy Gonzalez," the Master said "there is something that you don't know that you need to know."

      "Oh, what is it master?" Luxu asked. The Master sat back down at the desk and merely looked at the closed Book of Prophecies. Luxu was rather surprised the Master was acting so... serious... and... contemplative. It was very uncharacteristic of him.

      "I didn't tell the others about this, but wrote it in their copies," the Master said. "I saw four boys rise up and become stronger than everyone else. None of them were from the same union, but they became more than friends, but brothers. These boys will meet their dark matches. These counterparts will not be of light." The Master then turned his head just enough to look at Luxu. Luxu gasped a little at hearing this.

      "You will meet them and they will help push things forward," the Master continued. "These four boys from the dark will come across their counterparts of the light and they will clash at times, but in the end, they will reunite under one heart. So, you will know who they are when you see them." The Master then flipped a mood switch.

      "Make sure you have nice manners," the Master said. "Don't need to make them angry now would you?"

      "Yes master," Luxu replied. He was about to turn and go, but the Master spoke up again.

      "Uh, one more thing," the Master said. Luxu turned around again. "Have a fun time! No just kidding. Seriously though, there is one thing I want you to remember: what goes around, comes around."

      "But why?" Luxu asked.

      "Your descendant is why," the Master replied. He then walked up to Luxu and whispered into his ear. Luxu gasped as the Master finished. He then nodded, took his things and left.


A dozen years later...

      Darkness floated around in the wasteland surrounding Daybreak Town. It was in four large masses and was floating around smoothly. Then, the masses began to congeal separately and form four males. They have their arms out and palms up as they are formed. Their faces looking up toward the sky as they formed from the darkness. Once their formation is complete, they lower their faces and their arms. Their eyes remained closed for a while and then they opened them. Their eyes were gold and their expression one of determination. They then walk into the wasteland.

      Luxu was in the wasteland outside of Daybreak Town watching from afar. He was was doing what the master told him to do and so he waited for the time to come for action. In order for him to do so, he was far away from the town so he couldn't do anything that might blow the operation. Just then, he heard footsteps behind him getting closer. He turns around and sees four individuals with black clothing, black hair, and gold eyes.

      "Luxu?" one asked. Luxu merely nodded.

      "We have been looking for you," another one of them said.

      "You're the ones the Master told me about," Luxu asked.

      "We also have to formally introduce ourselves to our counterparts," the one that greeted Luxu said.


      The four boys along with Belle and the castle servants went to the West Wing and found the Beast there with a rose in a bell jar. The Beast was looking at the rose and bowed his head and closed his eyes in sorrow. He then heard the boys, Belle, and castle residents come in and turned to face them.

      "Go away! You are not welcome here!" the Beast shouted.

      "These boys mean no harm," Belle said. "They were here destroying the monsters." The Beast snarled and turned back to the rose.

      "They are after the rose," he said. "If they destroy that, then..." He couldn't finish his thought. It caused him too much pain. Belle went up to him and put herself in his embrace.

      "They can help," she said. "I know they can help."

      "We all can, right?" Polemistis said and his friends and the castle inhabitants all agreed. The Beast looked at peace now and smiled.

      "Thank you," he said. And so the boys and castle inhabitants split up taking different rooms and different wings of the castle. Polemistis searched the East Wing of the entire castle, Kyrios the West Wing of the entire castle, Kidemonas the Ballroom and Foyer, and Aiton the outside courtyard and the bridge. Every room was searched and every winged checked for any heartless that may be hiding. Indeed, there were many heartless around and they were causing trouble as Beast lamented they were. The boys helped destroy them and the castle inhabitants beat them in to weaken them. Even the Beast got involved and fought the heartless as well destroying them too. The search and seizure took a while because there were so many of them. The outside had heartless as well for the four boys saw a heartless there earlier. Now they were roaming all about the courtyard and bridge. It took about twenty minutes to clean up the outside while the inside took about forty five since there were so many rooms and there were large rooms like the library, foyer, and ballroom.

      Once the job was done, everyone gathered back into the Foyer and everyone thanked the boys.

      "Thank you so much for your help," Belle said.

      "Thanks to you four, the rose is safe," the Beast followed.

      "Absolutely," Aiton said.

      "Glad we could help," Kidemonas said. All of the castle residents then went to their quarters leaving the four boys alone in the foyer.

      "Why don't we say we head home?" Kyrios asked. Polemistis, Aiton, and Kidemonas nodded and they opened a light corridor and left the castle and went back to Daybreak Town.

      In Daybreak Town's Fountain Square, an unusually large Darkside was standing before a crowd of Keyblade wielders. They were all of different unions, but apparently were in the wrong place at the wrong time. This Darkside was stronger than usual and the Keyblade wielders were struggling even though with them combining their forces, they would be stronger. In this case, that is not so and they are panting while the Darkside appears to be preparing another attack.

      "Aw c'mon," one wielder complained "can't this give us a break?" The Darkside was about to attack when a bright light came down between the heartless and the crowd. Wielders in the crowd gasped at who they were seeing.

      "Hey, that's Polemistis!" one said.

      "No way! Is that Aiton?" another asked.

      "Awesome! Kidemonas is here!" a third said.

      "That's Kyrios! Cool!" a fourth said. It popcorned between the crowd some more before the four boys started to attack the heartless. They all used their special abilities. Kyrios used his power of the elements, Aiton unleashed and unbound his power onto the heartless and seek out its weak spot (he also was able to seek out darkness from unlikely sources since he was young and it helped Keyblade wielders very much),  Kidemonas used his power of light to break through, and Polemistis used his power of judgment to punish the creature. They used all kinds of attacks and spells they knew in the book and even used some combinations and attacks and spells the average Union member did not know. The Keyblade wielders merely stood with keys in hand and mumbled to each other as they watched the fight go on.

      The four boys landed next to each other in a ninja-like stance and looked up at the creature. It was now starting to through a fit and was about to fire darkness toward everyone.

      "Ready guys?!" Polemistis asked.

      "Oh yeah!" they replied and they pointed their Keyblades to the sky and absorbed light energy. They had white auras form around themselves and they began to float above the crowd up to the neck level of the Darkside. Then, side by side, they pointed their Keyblades at the heartless.

      "LIGHT!" they screamed and a large white orb formed in front of them. The boys thrusted their Keyblades forward and fired the massive orb toward the creatures. Once it hit the heartless, a huge explosion ensued creating a blinding light and strong wind the wielders had to cover their faces from. A few seconds felt like hours and the explosion finally died down with the Darkside no longer in front of them. The crowd uncovered their faces with shock written on them. What power do these guys have! The four guys then floated down and the auras disappeared. They unsummoned their Keyblades and turned to face the crowd. There was silence for a few seconds before they all erupted in cheer and applause.

      "Wow! That was awesome!"

      "You guys are strong!"

      "Man! It's like you guys are like elites!"

      "You're the supreme type of Keyblade wielder alright!"

      "Hey! I got it!" a male Keyblade wielder with green hair, blue eyes, tan clothes, and black gloves said. "Why don't we call the Supreme Elite?!"

      "Yeah! They're the Supreme Elite!" a female Keyblade wielder followed.

      "All hail the Supreme Elite!" someone else shouted. They all started chanting these five words over and over again. The boys were stunned and wanted to tell them not to, but were given nary a chance. They shrugged their shoulders and looked at each other.

      "Well then, I guess we are the Supreme Elite," Polemistis said as the crowd chanted "all hail the Supreme Elite" over and over. From then on, they considered themselves by that title without ever acting superior to the others. From then on, many Keyblade wielders from all the unions came to love them. They called these boys what they believe they truly are: the Supreme Elite.

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Ah yes, I remember these four boys! They definitely turned out to be quite the strong unit! Their brotherly bonds definitely came through, and they became some of the most powerful Keyblade Wielders of my time! Heck, you even included me in your story, and dear old Luxu too! I'm touched! :3


Anyways, this was most interesting! I say, I want to read more! :D

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Chapter 8: The Foretold Fate

      The Foretellers were hidden in different houses looking down at the Fountain Square at the now newly formed Supreme Elite. They thought about what they were seeing and before their eyes were the strong Keyblade wielders Gula foresaw long ago come to fruition. They went into the houses and disappeared into the shadows. Later in the room in the clock tower, they happened to all be together with their copies of the Book of Prophecies when Gula found an extra page folded up in back cover. He got curious and opened the page.

      "Hey, did any of you have an extra page in the backs of your copies?" Gula asked. They all looked to the back covers of their copies and see folded up pages as well. They all read what it contains and then they all gasp.

      "But... it this really what the Master saw?" Aced asked.

      "It can't be the same in all our copies," Ira said.

      "No Ira, it is," Invi replied. "I read the same thing. It shocks me too."

      "I don't have a clue as to how we can save them from this and change fate," Gula said. "Unless you have something in mind Ava, it would be a relief if you could do something."

      "I might have something in mind," Ava replied. "I don't know if it will work, but it could help. There's no guarantee though."

      "You understand that when this war comes, everyone will turn against each other," Ira pointed out.

      "Friends will become enemies and rivals become foes," Invi added.

      "So? What about them?" Aced asked. "If what the Master saw comes true, and we know it most likely will, how do we tell the Supreme Elite that they will... slaughter the people they once called friends? They won't kill each other, but wielders of other unions will befriend them. How do we tell them those same friends will be dead by their hands?" The room was silent. None of them thought this through obviously since they just discovered the prophecy, but talking about it more only clarified the gravity of the situation. Finally, Gula spoke up.

      "We tell them what they need to hear," he said turning heads. "We tell them the fate that lies ahead of them and what they face in the war. We tell them they will face dark Keyblade wielders. It is two sided: light and dark. We tell them they will fight Keyblade wielders of darkness and only them."

      "Gula! That's hiding the truth from them!" Ava rebuked him.

      "You think it's any better that we tell them the people they will fight are their friends?" Gula asked in his cool manner. Ava couldn't respond and merely bowed her head looking down.

      "So, we hide the truth from them?" Invi asked.

      "It appears that we have no choice," Ira replied.

      "Then should we ever see them in battle," Aced added "we are to not touch them or be in their sight. Understand?" Everyone in the room nodded in silence. Ava sighed heavily.

      "I hate hiding the truth," she said aloud to no reply.


      The Supreme Elite greeted anyone who came up to them and they praised the Supreme Elite and complimented the title. It flattered the Elites and they thanked them for the compliments. Soon, everyone has went on their way and the square became quiet. Now, the four of them were able to talk to each other alone.

      "So, Supreme Elite huh?" Kidemonas said.

      "We didn't come up with it for sure," Kyrios said.

      "Keyblade wielders from all unions did," Aiton said. "Even those that would be considered our rivals agreed with it."

      "You know what I found amazing?" Polemistis asked. "I did not feel any of the divisions between them. Did you feel any sense of division? I saw the unions united even for a small moment. I wish it could be like that. Maybe that could be how we can beat back the darkness." They all nodded in silence and looked into space. After a few moments, Kyrios spoke up.

      "So, why don't we go through town here and clean up any mess?" Kyrios asked. The other elites nodded and they agreed to split up. They took different areas of the town. Polemistis decided to head to the Waterfront Park. Yes, he hasn't forgotten his time when he was a young child and memories of what he saw came back as he walked through the Boardwalk and taking the road to the park. There, he sees a boy with gray hair, white shirt, black jacket, black gloves, red scarf, dark gray pants, and black boots fighting an Invisible heartless. It was giving him a hard time and he was down, but then he got up and used Ragnarok on it destroying the heartless. He then bent down worn out and in a bit of pain. Polemistis immediately ran up to him and bent down.

      "Hey! Are you alright?" Polemistis asked.

      "I'm okay," the boy said. "I guess I over did it." Polemistis held out his hand and the boy smiled and grabbed it and was helped up.

      "I'm Polemistis," the elite introduced himself.

      "Yeah I remember!" the boy replied "I was there when you fought that large heartless. You're the Supreme Elite, right? I'm Ephemer." Polemistis nodded and smiled.

      "So, you've been gatherin lux too?" Ephemer asked.

      "Yeah, I have with Aiton, Kidemonas, and Kyrios," Polemistis replied.

      "I have been too," Ephemer said. "In fact, I have been searching for answers actually. The lux we've been gathering belongs to this world. The worlds we've been going to are nothing more than illusions from the Book of Prophecies."

      "The Foretellers hope we can go into the Book and wipe away the dark fate the Master foresaw," Polemistis said.

      "Man! You're smart!" Ephemer exclaimed. "I guess you guys have the brains too." Polemistis laughed a little bit and then some more.

      "What's so funny?" Ephemer asked.

      "Not only are you a nice guy," Polemistis answered "but you're funny too!"

      "Hey!" Ephemer protested and they both shared a laugh. They went on destroying heartless in the Waterfront Park. There were more invisibles, but they fought them together and got rid of them along with gummi heartless. The job was done in about twenty minutes and the Elite and union member decided to head back to the Fountain Square where the Supreme Elite agreed to meet up again. Ephemer and Polemistis talked about everything they could think of. Ephemer particularly was asking questions about Polemistis's past and how he obtained the Keyblade and his immense power. He also asked about how he met the rest of the Elite. Polemistis explained everything to him and before they knew it, they were in the Fountain Square. It was actually a bit busy with a few Keyblade wielders walking to and fro. Kyrios, Kidemonas, and Aiton were sitting on the fountain talking to each other. They then turn their attention to Polemistis and Ephemer.

      "Polemistis, who's your friend?" Aiton asked.

      "I'm Ephemer," Ephemer replied. "You guys are the Supreme Elite Kyrios, Kidemonas, and Aiton. Polemistis has told me a lot about you guys." The rest of the Elite nodded and smiled.

      "Well, I better be going," Ephemer said and started walking away. He then turned around to face them again.

      "Oh, it was nice talking to you," he said bowing and then standing back up.

      "Of course. We're friends now," Polemistis said. Ephemer grinned and nodded. He then turned and ran off back to his place. Polemistis sat on the fountain with his brothers and they talked to each other. It seemed like for hours they spoke to each other about everything. The square soon got empty and the sun was starting to set. They all got up from the fountain and bade each other farewell until tomorrow.

      Polemistis was heading back to his place walking down an empty street. Now that he was a union member, he had his own headquarters; everyone had them. Walking through the door, he went through the first floor and up to his room. There he quickly gasped as he saw Master Gula sitting on his bed.

      "Oh! Master Gula!" he said bowing. "I am sorry I haven't reported or have spoken to you."

      "No need to... Supreme Elite," he said with a smile. Polemistis stood back up and smiled.

      "I guess you and the rest of the Foretellers know," Polemistis said.

      "It's fitting for you," Gula replied. He then stood up and went to the window that overlooked much of the town and provided a clear shot to the clock tower. He had a grave expression as he looked out.

      "I came here because there is something you need to know," Gula said. "The Foretellers and I were looking through our copies of the Book of Prophecies when we came across a page folded up in the back covers of our books. Opening it, it foretold that you four, the Supreme Elite, will face a dark fate in the war." Polemistis kept quiet as he listened. "It said 'as the darkness prevails over the light, so shall it prevail over the warrior and he will fall into a dark realm... the one that redeems light will become the victory of darkness and snuff out his light to make him darkness... a dark lord will take a piece of his heart and give it to the master of the earth's elements and make him his own... as he has sought out darkness and unleashed his power of light to destroy it, so will darkness seek his heart out and unleash its power to destroy him completely...' This is what I read." Polemistis kept a stone face and swallowed hard hearing this. He was holding back tears and managed to do so successfully. He then looked down at the floor.

      "I assume the other Foretellers of their respective unions are telling them now," Polemistis said.

      "Yes," Gula replied. "Your fates will happen in the Keyblade War the Master has already foreseen. During that war, you will face dark Keyblade bearers before you are taken by fate. Your sacrifices will be remembered though." Polemistis kept his gaze at the floor and then he finally looked up at Gula who was facing him directly. He nodded and kept silent.

      "I'm sorry Polemistis," Gula said. "I asked Ava to see if she can find a way we can avoid losing you all. We will try to see if we can save you all from this."

      "Thank you Master Gula," Polemistis said. Gula was about to walk past Polemistis when Polemistis gave Gula a hug. Gula was off guard at first, but then he firmly embraced Polemistis and shed a tear. The grief was too much to bear right now for him. This was the young boy that he found on the streets and took in and he is going to lose him. He felt deep sorrow and grief at the reality. Polemistis kept everything in check even though he wanted to weep. He has learned control and is tougher now and so knows how to control his power and his emotions. He lets Gula go and Gula leaves the room and leaves for his own separate headquarters. Polemistis lays down in his bed with much on his mind and finally manages to go to sleep with much to talk about tomorrow.

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Ah yes, the sad fate these Four will come across is a grim fate indeed! And well, I thought it was a good thing that the Foretellers didn't say anything else, since then the Supreme Elite would probably be too torn to fight. Better that they face their dark counterparts and give in to their fate...


I'm intrigued to see what's next!

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Chapter 9: The Dark Elite

      Polemistis was standing in a barren wasteland outside of Daybreak Town. The sky has become completely dark and clouded over and it's storming right now. All around him, he sees warfare all around him. He notices that some of his clothing is in tatters, there is dirt on portions of his clothes, a big bloody cut is on the left side of his face, he is worn out and in some pain as he also has a cut on his side. His shirt was in tatters in one spot and that is where he got a good size cut. Looking around him, he watches the wasteland become a graveyard. He then looks at one person and all noise seems to disappear. This kid looks like him except everything about him is darker. The kid just looks back at Polemistis with a dark stare in the midst of the warfare. Suddenly, Polemistis fell quickly into a black hole and everything went dark.

      Polemistis jumped up out of bed with a gasp and breathing heavily. It was the middle of the night in Daybreak Town and looking out the window, everything was normal and quiet. Polemistis merely put his head into his hands and rest his elbows on his knees as he shook his head.

      "Bad dream?" a voice asked coming from the direction of the window. Polemistis looked up and saw Chirithy there.

      "It was not a great one," Polemistis replied. "I was in this battlefield and it was in a rainstorm. I saw other Keyblade wielders fight each other. I couldn't make them out in clear detail; it was all just dark figures. My clothes were tattered and dirty and I had bloody cuts on my face and side. I then see a kid that looks like me. Everything about him is darker; his hair, his clothing, everything about him was darker. Then, like a trap door, I fall through a black hole and all goes dark. It scared the daylights out of me."

      "Well, it's just a dream," Chirithy said in consolation "and Master Gula did tell you of what the Master foresaw and wrote on paper they found in their books, so just relax for now and get some sleep." Polemistis just nodded and laid back down looking up at the ceiling for a bit and then closing his eyes drifting back to sleep.

      Polemistis woke up to a bright day in Daybreak Town. There were some clouds in the sky, but it was mostly sunny. Chirithy was on the sill and got up as well.

      "Morning!" the little spirit said. "Did you sleep alright?" Polemistis nodded, smiled, and went up to Chirithy and started petting the little guy. The spirit giggled a little and rubbed its head on Polemistis's hand as he petted. Polemistis then picked the little dream eater up.

      "Oh! He he!" the little spirit said and then Polemistis embraced it. He then went out of his room to the Fountain Square to wait for his friends. No one was there so it was perfect alone time for him to think about his dream. Who was that boy? He looked like himself, but it was as though Polemistis was looking at his shadow as everything about that boy was darker. Looking up momentarily, Polemistis sees Aiton coming toward him waving and smiling. They talked a bit together before Kidemonas and Kyrios showed up respectively. They all discussed where to go next and what to do next. Polemistis then changed the subject and became more somber looking down into space.

      "So did your masters tell you our fates," Polemistis asked. He kept his gaze down, but could sense them doing the same thing and nod. "So, who had what fate? I am the warrior that will fall into darkness in case you did not know."

      "I'm the one that redeems light, or rather the guardian of it," Kidemonas said "that will become the symbol of the war. Darkness will prevail over my light and make me one with it."

      "I'm the seeker of light that will have darkness seek out my heart and destroy me," Aiton followed.

      "I'm the master of Earth's elements that will bear a piece of a dark lord's heart," Kyrios said. Polemistis nodded as he listened while keeping his gaze unmoved.

      "Interesting," he said. He finally looked up at his friends. "I guess we live our lives and buy stalling time." They all nodded in agreement and so opened a corridor and went on their way to another world. They come out in a different world than before.

      "I believe this is Olympus Coliseum," Kidemonas said. "Someone from my union said they went to this interesting new world and told me all about it. It looks like this place fits the description." Taking only a few steps though the coliseum gate, they see heartless of all kinds pop out all over the place. The Supreme Elite summoned their Keyblades and went after the heartless and attacked them. It was a pain to get through them all because there were so many and of all species. The slow, but steady progress was necessary as they collected much lux and practiced some advanced attacks and spell. The did get done and they went on into the lobby and then into the arena itself. Nothing was there and it was quiet at first, but then larger heartless such as defenders came into play. They were tough, but the Supreme Elite were not deterred from them. This gave them a chance to use some advanced attacks and spells that they haven't used just yet such as barrage attacks. Once they finished the job, they were left panting a little. They catch their breath and turn around when they notice four dark looking people coming into the arena.

      "Hey, you four Keyblade wielders of light?" one asks.

      "What's it to you?" Kyrios replied. All of the strangers then get maniacal grins on their faces.

      "Well! It looks like we've hit the jackpot!" another said.

      "What's left now is taking care of these fools," a third said.

      "They will be so pleased when they hear we killed a group of Keyblade wielders of light," a fourth followed. They summon their Keyblades, take stance, and then charge. The enemies and Supreme Elite clash and slug it out. They were tough and did not allow the Supreme Elite any room for error. The Elite fought just as hard and made sure not to miss a beat. In order to alleviate the pressure, the Elite use barrage attacks and burst spells. These helped turn the tables enough for the Elite to take the upper hand. X and Dual Disaster attacks were used to beat in these enemies. However, the dark warriors cloaked their Keyblades in a dark aura and started fighting harder trying to put the heat on the Elite. The Supreme Elite started bringing out their true power and covered themselves and their Keyblades in a light aura and hacked away at the enemies. The foes were open for a moment and the Supreme Elite stabbed them through the middle of their bodies. Half of them screamed in pain and the other half were stunned in silence. The Elite pulled their Keyblades out and the dark enemies fell to the ground dead. The Supreme Elite looked at their Keyblades and find them covered in blood in large spots. Looking back at the enemies, they watch the dark warriors' bodies dissipate into light particles and their hearts float up into the sky. Their Keyblades were left behind and the Supreme Elite wanted to take them away and dispose of them. However, when they bent down to pick them up, the Keyblades disappeared in clouds of dark energy. The Elites stood back up and look at the space where their enemies were.

      "Who were those guys?" Aiton asked.

      "I don't know, but they were bad news for sure," Kidemonas replied.

      "I would like to know who they were talking about," Kyrios said.

      "I think we need to head out and forget exploring this world," Polemistis suggested. The rest agreed and they unsummoned their Keyblades and started walking out. Heading back to the coliseum gates, they find three Keyblade wielders there fighting a group of heartless. They appeared to be just fine so the Supreme Elite stayed hidden and watched. There were two males and a female and all were different heights. The tallest male had dark chocolate brown hair, the female had deep undersea blue hair, and the shortest male had slightly dark tan hair. Their Keyblades were strange and the Elites never saw them before. Once the heartless were gone, from the coliseum gates exit, a group of six dark warriors came and surrounded them. They had weapons and hand and were mocking the three. The Supreme Elite ran into the circle and had Keyblades in hand and stood next to the three.

      "Oh so you need some saving!" one warrior mocked "Heh, you'll be dead before you can blink!" Both sides charged and an all out battle broke out. Kyrios and Kidemonas took on one warrior while it was one on one for the rest. They were harder than the group that threatened the Supreme Elite before, but thanks to the previous group, the Supreme Elite held their own. Polemistis and the rest of the Elite were now tired of fighting these guys and when they all got into stalemates, they looked at each other from the corner of their eyes, nodded, and then pushed off of their opponents. Then they stand back to back and point their Keyblades into the sky and summon pillars of light to rain down. Once the pillars disappear, they see no one, but the three Keyblade wielders left.

      "Whoo! Thanks for the help!" the short male said.

      "We would have been in big trouble if you didn't show up," the tall male said.

      "No problem at all!" Polemistis said.

      "Who are you guys?" the female asked.

      "I'm Polemistis!"

      "I'm Kidemonas."

      "I'm Aiton."

      "I'm Kyrios."

      "You guys are the Supreme Elite!" the tall male said "We've heard about you guys before from other Keyblade wielders. I'm Dynami."

      "I'm Tachytito," the short male said.

      "And I'm Mageia," the female said. "It's an honor to meet all of you."

      "So what were those Keyblades of yours?" Kyrios asked.

      "Oh, these?" Tachytito replied holding his up. "Yeah, mine is called the Wayward Wind."

      "This is called the Ends of the Earth," Dynami followed holding his up. Mageia held hers up too.

      "This is called Stormfall," she said. The Supreme Elite were amazed since these are so authentic. "We hope to pass these down since we probably won't survive the coming war."

      "I think you guys will be able to pass them down," Polemistis said. "Who knows? The successor of yours possibly thousands of years from now will surely be as strong as you, if not stronger." The seven of them talked a little more when suddenly, they see four dark corridors open up and four people came out of them with maniacal grins. The three Keyblade wielders and Supreme Elite look and they gasp at what they see.

      "You! I saw you in my dream!" Polemistis exclaimed. He then addressed his friends and the three. "Guys, I had a dream where I was standing in a battlefield all tired and bloody and tattered and I see this boy that looks like me standing a ways from me. This is the guy!" In fact, all four of them looked like the Supreme Elite except they are dark versions with gold eyes.

      "How right you are!" Polemistis's look alike said. "Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Polemos."

      "I'm Thanatos," Kidemonas's look alike said.

      "I'm Tromos," Aiton's counterpart followed.

      "And I'm Agrios," Kyrios's look alike finished.

      "How is this possible?" Kyrios asked.

      "Remember that bangle you were given?" Agrios began. "It was supposed to collect dark energy if I'm correct."

      "Instead," Thanatos said "it did something quite different. It gathered the dark energy, but if sent it to your heart where your heart collected it and kept it."

      "The more darkness you defeated," Tromos said "the more it entered and collected in your hearts."

      "You four collected so much dark energy," Polemos continued "that your hearts set it free by excreting it and your constant use of the light. That darkness formed us and now here we stand before you."

      "So just as we are the Supreme Elite," Polemistis said "you four are the..." Polemos chuckled.

      "Correct. We are the Dark Elite," Polemos finished. "We know what the Master foresaw and we know the world will end. We will only give things a... 'push' to put it lightly. We will see you again. Hopefully. Remember this though: don't get in our way. We will need to allow our role to be played for when the darkness prevails and the light expires." Polemistis chuckled and grinned. The Dark Elite then disappeared into dark corridors leaving the Supreme Elite alone with the three. The bangles the Foretellers gave to them gave rise to the Dark Elite and now the dark fate will be sped up.

      "What now Supreme Elite?" Tachytito asked. They remained silent, but Polemistis spoke up.

      "We take down any Keyblade wielders of darkness," he said. "We tell no one, not even the Foretellers. If anyone catches wind of it, chaos will ensue and the dark fate will only come sooner." The Elite agreed and they bade farewell to the three and left Olympus Coliseum in a corridor to head to now farther worlds. They would continue their duties with much on their mind.

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