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Rank the KH2 worlds in order of Plot.

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Try ranking the KH2 worlds in order of most important (plotwise) to least important (plotwise). You can rank them however you want whether it be numbers or tiers.



And would you want KH3 to follow this method?

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  1. TWTNW
  2. Twilight Town
  3. Hollow Bastion
  4. Mysterious Tower
  5. Disney Castle
  6. Beast's Castle / Port Royal / Olympus Coliseum / Land of Dragons (Org XIII. members in each of those)
  7. Timeless River / Space Paranoids (important in order to progress the story)
  8. Agrabah / Pride Lands / Atlantica


Not sure if I prefer KH1 method or the KH2 one. Think I'm leaning more towards the KH2 though.

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Most important: TWTNW, Twilight Town, Land Of Dragons (mostly 2nd visit), Radiant Garden, Disney Castle

Least Important: Every other world in the game


I do not want this method in KH3, at all. It just slows things down and makes everything filler. I would prefer it if it was like KH1, in which the worlds almost always contributed to the main plot in some form.


What about Beast's Castle? It at least personifed what the Disney Worlds SHOULD be like in the KH universe. 


And I agree KH1 to this date has the best plot for me and it correctly integrated the Disney elements instead of treating them like filler just to tell their own plot.

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(cracks knuckles)


From most important to least important


1. The World That Never Was 

2. Twilight Town

3. Hollow Bastion

4. Space Paranoids

5. Beast's Castle

6. Land of Dragons

7. Port Royal

8. Olympus Coliseum

9. Disney Castle/Timeless River

10. Halloween Town

11. Agrabah

12. 100 Acre Wood

13. Pride Lands

14. Atlantica


The explanations for the game's original worlds is self explanatory as is why Space Paranoids was the most important Disney world because of the Ansem reveal. Beast's Castle, Land and Dragons and Port Royal are the next most important Disney worlds for featuring a XIII member and you must complete both visits to finish the game. Dragons over Port Royal because of the Riku plot. Olympus next because you see Demyx in the first visit. The rest of them rank similarly in terms of importance or you could say non-importance to the main plot.  

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