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  1. I've wanted to do this video for years and here it finally is. A montage of the KH3 Disney films set to the Don't Think Twice instrumental version. It was a really fun video to put together. Didn't wanna make till after I played KH3 for myself though. Hope you like it.
  2. I uploaded this a few days ago. It's the story of Kingdom Hearts told through the Disney films that represent each Kingdom Hearts game. It shows the kind of representation that Disney has had through each game. Each section is mainly dedicated to the worlds of that game but other elements like summons, side characters and even Final Fantasy characters are included also. I'd appreciate feedback in terms of which section turned out the best. I personally really like how BBS's turned out
  3. It's almost like people forgot what the point of summons really where. They were a way to incorporate properties that they weren't able to make worlds for. Summons who have worlds in the game are the outlier. Genie and Tink in KH1 and then Genie again in KH2. And Stitch makes a story cameo in KH2. In other words, with at most 5 Disney spots left there's no way they're gonna waste a spot on Atlantica. Sora summoning Ariel is just a callback to one of his major allies. Wouldn't be surprised if Jack Skellington gets a summon since I don't expect Halloweentown to return either.
  4. If they did bring it back, they should use the storyline from Cinderella III: A Twist in Time. That was one of the best Disney sequels and it has a storyline that could fit well with the main narrative of KH3. Unfortunately, given that there's only 4 Disney spots left max, it's highly unlikely we'll see it.
  5. While the official order is TVA, I recommend VTA for a better/more interesting narrative. For one, you start off controlling Ventus which is why I 1st chose him for my original BBS playthrough. Also it adds a nice bit of mystery factor to what Terra was really doing behind the scenes and Ven worrying about him. I think the narrative in worlds like Enchanted Dominion and Dwarf Woodlands is more interesting if you do them with Ven first and then do Terra's story to see the shady dealings he was doing with the villains. Two, outta the 3 I would call Terra the most important of the game's story because he's the whole setup for villain of the series so I'd rather have that in the middle rather than the beginning and I also think his story complements Aqua's quite nicely. Third, Terra's story spoils a lot of the intended surprises of Ven's story like his relation to Vanitas, where the unversed come from, and his encounter with Eraqus. Finally, not saving Aqua's story for last is highly illogical.
  6. It's way too much to have them remake the whole mission aspect of the game, but I think they should've given us maybe 7 or so playable story missions so the game can still be represented as a game. I'd say the same for Coded even though I don't care for that game at all. I'd go with. - The intro/tutorial with Axel and the COM members - Agrabah city mission (maybe the Pete mission) - Beast's Castle mission with Xaldin or the one where Xion gets the keyblade back. - Xion runs away in Twilight Town mission - Roxas castle escape - Xion boss battle - Riku boss I think those would represent the game pretty well. Oh well, a guy can dream.
  7. KH1 - Hollow Bastion COM- Halloween Town KH2- Hollow Bastion Battle/TWTNW Days- .............. Whatever world didn't have Leech graveyard or ruler of the sky. BBS- Deep Space Coded- ..................... DDD- The Grid/Symphony of Sorcery 0.2- The World Within
  8. A newcomer should definitely go with release order which is why I'm upset they put Days before KH2 on the PS4 remixes. They also should've had Back Cover before 0.2 on 2.8 also. If you're already familiar with the series then KH2 and Days are interchangeable though if you do it in that order then I think it makes Days worst because that game/movie is best watched/experienced in the context of seeing Com and KH2 prior. Days before KH2 will certainly give you better context though it kinda disrupts the narrative surprises and story they were going for but I guess that's irrelevant if you've already played the series. Slap the person who tells you to play the games chronologically.
  9. Thanks Key. I was inspired to make it following my Summer of Hearts playthrough marathon. The idea for it came two years ago but didn't get to making it till a couple of weeks ago.
  10. A tribute I made to the whole KH saga using Imagine Dragon's Battle Cry. I uploaded this a couple of days ago and had no idea that a someone else made a KH tribute with the same song. I thought the song fit the series pretty well. It was inspired by one of my other favorite series. I originally thought of making it entirely focused on Dream Drop Distance but the video ended up being for the whole series. http://kh13.com/forum/videos/view-880-kingdom-hearts-saga-tribute-battle-cry/
  11. I actually made something like this a few days ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-bdzUK9oG0
  12. It's a good way for them to add Disney properties that they couldn't incorporate as worlds into the game.
  13. ^ I think it should be Treasure Planet. It's been one of the more demanded worlds. It's epic enough in scale to be the final Disney world. And finally, the portal map could be the gateway to the final world or something like that.
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