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  1. 2002 Was the Time i was Introduced to the Kingdom Hearts Series.
  2. Me too i'm hoping for Treasure Planet and Atlantis for Kingdom Hearts IV cause Kingdom Hearts 3 didn't give us our hopeful Two Worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3 so i'm hoping for Kingdom Hearts IV to have Both Treasure Planet and Atlantis the Lost Empire
  3. I'm hoping for the Next Saga of Kingdom Hearts on the PS5
  4. It can be our Only Happen i want Kairi to shine in the Spotlight in the Next Saga.
  5. Atlantis and Treasure Planet cause i know the Animated Ones didn't do so well (I liked them Both)
  6. Darn at least one KH Game before Kingdom Hearts IV i just hope Treasure Planet, Jungle Book, Atlantis and others don't get put in a Kingdom Hearts game before KH4 cause we need them to be Worlds for Kingdom Hearts IV
  7. 1: Better Disney Worlds (the Worlds that we've wanted for the Series like Moana, Treasure Planet, Incredibles, Jungle Book Atlantis, ETC) 2: Reveal the rest of the new Seven Hearts
  8. I'm Surprised we didn't get to see the Rest of the New Princesses of Heart for this game but if there were the remaining Princesses of Heart revealed then it would have been this... 1: Kairi 2: Elsa 3: Anna 4: Rapunzel 5: Merida 6: Tiana 7: Moana (I didn't put Pocahontas and Kida cause they're only 7 New Princesses of Heart)
  9. Nothing the only new Princesses so Far in the Game Are Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna we don't know who are the Remaining 3 New Princesses of Heart are.
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