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  1. johnkhfan95

    KH3 rushed?

    I was not Expecting Kingdom Hearts 3 to get rushed
  2. 1: Toy Story 2: Tangled 3: Hercules 4: Monsters Inc 5: Frozen 6: Big Hero 6 7: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 8: 100 Acre Wood (Not looking forward too)
  3. 1: Buy Kingdom Hearts 3 2: Wait till the Day One Patch comes 3: Play it through Proud Mode 4: Grind and Take my time getting a 100% of the Game
  4. Yeah Me too it's too Bad the Moogle is the Only FF Character in KH3 and we can't see Leon and the Other Restoration Committee Members
  5. johnkhfan95

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 18

    I like the 2.8 Cover
  6. johnkhfan95

    All worlds leaked

    Well it's over No More Disney Worlds guess we'll have to wait till the Next Saga for More Disney Worlds.
  7. johnkhfan95

    Have we seen this heartless yet?

    So this Heartless looks like an Upgraded Version of the Large Body but nobody knows where this Heartless is going to be at which World?
  8. johnkhfan95


    I don't think Aqua is Norted i think she's turning into a Darkling
  9. johnkhfan95

    Next KH Project after Release

    I'm hoping for the Future Installments i hope we see some New Disney Worlds and Disney Villains that we haven't seen or met yet Like with Ralph, Remy, Treasure Planet, Moana, Zootopia, Pocahontas, Jungle Book Lion King II ETC.
  10. Yep here's hoping for More New Disney Worlds for KH4.
  11. Me too my Friend i've would have wanted the Return of the Pride Lands (With Simba's Pride Storyline) and Treasure Planet and Atlantis in Kingdom Hearts 3 but Pirates of the Caribbean and Winnie the Pooh killed their Chances to get in the Game well we might as well wait for the Next Installment to get them as worlds you know what i mean?
  12. johnkhfan95

    Which 3 Keyblades will you use?

    For me Smile Maker, Infinity Badge and Shooting Star (Unless i use other Keyblades)
  13. 40 GB Total for one game but what does that mean?
  14. That's what i was thinking Too maybe they Could Have worlds in Kh4 that we've never gotten in the Past Games like Treasure Planet and Jungle Book for Examples