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  1. I didn't hear about this until just now. That makes me so sad. I was on my way to work when this news broke I'm late, but I'm raising my keyblade for fallen Kingdom Hearts Voice Actors we have lost
  2. Normally, when I see articles like this one I'm like, "Eh, it's a stretch" But I feel like this key looks too similar to the Kingdom Key. It's likely just a nod to Kingdom Hearts and not meant to be take seriously.
  3. CheyRae

    Fan Art Chat

    Connection. Fan Art I did shortly after finishing Kingdom hearts 3.
  4. CheyRae


    Fan Art I did of Sora and Kairi's connection.
  5. Created an OC because I was bored. Hatsuko is Kairi's older sister... Yeah. You can read about her here on my DA https://www.deviantart.com/senpaicheyenne/art/KH-AU-Hatsuko-OC--792321294
  6. Sora and Kairi's connection


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