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  1. This just makes me want it even more. I already have a pro but I regret not waiting to see if this was going to release over here first. Oh well, either way the game will still look beautiful while playing it!
  2. I can’t wait any longer! This game looks so beautiful and everytime I see Olympus, I am more and more intrigued and can’t wait to revisit the world again especially since it’s gonna be more than just the coliseum!
  3. deplanet08

    GOTY: God of War vs Spider-Man

    That’s kinda why I’m leaning a little more towards Spider-Man. I rarely platinum any games but I just really enjoyed doing it with that game. I never felt like going back to platinum God of War after finishing the story. I’m starting to think that Spider-Man might take the cake
  4. Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great day! I wanted everyone’s opinion on this. I am having trouble deciding which game I loved more this year, God of War or Spider-Man. They are both such great games for different reasons. I was leaning a little more towards God of War but I’m also think Spider-Man just had a great and replayable open world. I’m torn here. If you played either or both of them, tell me your thoughts or another game you think deserves game of the year! I would love to hear everyone’s opinion, thank!
  5. deplanet08

    My Kingdom Hearts Tier List

    My ranking goes like this: S: Kingdom Hearts II A: Kingdom Hearts, Birtth By Sleep B: Birth By Sleep 0.2 C: Kingdom Hearts DDD, Re: Chain of Memories D: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Re Coded, Union X
  6. deplanet08

    What Was Your First KH Game?

    Kh1 is the first I played(only got to wonderland) but kh2 is the first I actually finished. All back in 2011 and I was 12 at the time
  7. deplanet08

    Where Were You When KHIII was Announced?

    I was at home keeping updated on YouTube on recent announcements and KH3 popped up in my recommendations! I was screaming when I saw the trailer! I was between my 8th grade and 9th grade year. Now I’m between my 1st and 2nd year of college and I’m counting the days till the press conference at e3!! Couldn’t be more excited!!!
  8. deplanet08

    Does anyone have a video of Sora talking in KH3?

    Thank you so much! So I really enjoy Sora’s voice! It is much better than 0.2 and DDD. Hearing his voice is so great because now it truly feels like this game is very close to coming out!!
  9. So I’m curious to see how Haley Joel Osment’s voice acting is in this game and so far I haven’t seen any footage of him talking in the cutscenes, just grunts and battle quotes. Would anyone be able to link me a video of a cutscene with Sora talking in KH3? Thanks in advance!
  10. I know. I feel like items are also a lot more rare of a drop in KH1FM. I just never had fun getting Ultima Weapon in that game
  11. My least favorite way is in KH1. It is still the worst way to ge the ultima weapon in the game and the payoff isn’t even worth it because it only has +1 strength on divine rose. I have only gotten it once and will never get it again in that game. Kh2 was so much easier and more fun when obtaining the ultima weapon and I found the payoff very rewarding. It wasn’t too easy either like bbs and ddd
  12. I’m thinking that we might see something at jump festa next month even if it’s just a small bit of news but do you think that e3 2018 will be the next place we get the next major kh3 news?
  13. They did not for some reason. They just had the first manga of kh2. I don't know why but it was pretty cool
  14. I was. Back in 7th grade my school library had a little section of graphic novels and kingdom hearts 2 was there. I looked at the Disney characters on the cover and I thought it looked interesting so I read it and I liked it even though I was very confused. I saw that it was also a video game and so I did some research on it and liked what I saw so I got the first two kingdom hearts games for Christmas and from there on I've been a big fan of the series
  15. At what point in development of video games does the music usually come into play? By this I mean how far into development could they be now?