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Stories of KH13 (Share your stories)

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I remember seeing on youtube something about "Stories of 4chan" and so on so I thought we can have a thread for us to share our own small, sharable stories (appropriate of course). I'm hoping just to share funny stories, but whatever is fine I guess. So I guess I'll start!


The Pigeon Story


In my old school there is no interior air conditioning it's all the same outside temperature with ceiling fans going crazy overhead if its a hot day. I also had to add that because the school was located in a city area close to a plaza and stuff there were ALOT of pigeons hanging around. I was in class one day, everything normal when all of a sudden a pigeon flew into the classroom. Everyone started to freak out as the pigeon flew around the classroom looking for the exit when suddenly we hear a smack as the pigeon flies right into the moving ceiling fan and it hits the pigeon so hard it sends it flying back, smacking against the wall before it falls onto the floor. All of us kids are frieking horrified as we watch lose feathers fall from the ceiling. Miraculously however, the Pigeon wasn't dead. Instead it got it's leg cut up a bit but otherwise was conscious. This time, however, learning its lesson, it calmly walked across the classroom as we silently watched, before walking out the doorway and flying off.


The Class Moth Story

It was science class so we were learning about the butterfly's life cycle and the teacher encouraged us to catch some caterpillars and bring them to class so we can put them in small habitats and watch them transform. Well time passes, they all turn into cocoons around the same time so they come out around the same time too. One day we come in and we are watching how everyone's butterflies were colorful and with bright colors until we move onto the last habitat that had one caterpillar and the butterfly wasn't what anyone expected or had seen before and the girl almost cried because this thing was ugly. It turned out that the caterpillar had been a moth caterpillar, so this moth was BIG, black as the night and with huge black eyes just staring back at us, almost unmoving. So we released the butterflies but the moth refused to budge so the teacher said she would take it home and release it when it was night time so for the entire class we had this moth watching our every move.


The Momma Chicken Story

I lived in a very country urban area so chickens were common and they would wonder into backyards. Of course there were always momma chickens with their babies and sometimes I would try to pick one up for a little while before handing it back to its mom. One time I tried to pick one up but this chicken wasn't having it and the moment she saw me she began to chase me all over the yard while I cried in fear for my life from this chicken while grandma watched and laughed as I ran into the house and closed the screen door and had to wait for a few minutes until the momma chicken gotten tired and returned to her chicks calmly.

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The Crying Baby

So where I live there's this "Haunted House" called the May-Stringer house, and apparently at night a young girl dances on the lawn and points at cars, laughs, or screams. You can also here a baby crying every night at 3am from this house, even though it closes at 10pm. It's a Civil War Museum now, and the people who used to live in it have all died. I'm not sure how the girl, Jesse, died, but the mother and baby died during birth and the father died fighting in the civil war. Jesse haunts my Sisters house as well, as they were constructed the same year, but only in January.

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Touron at Magic Kingdom




This one is kinda a funny story. So I was at Main Street Station at the Magic Kingdom. I missed the train that was there, so I had to wait a minute for the next. So this lady (obviously a tourist) comes behind me with her son in tow. Like a complete idiot, the mother asked one of the cast members if the steam trains go to Epcot even though the audio just said they go for a "Grand Circle Tour of the Magic Kingdom". The cast member says that they don't and continues on. The mother is frustrated and doesn't believe the cast member. Then the next train enters the station, so I head to the second car and she follows me, unintentionally of course. When the train leaves the station and enters the Frontierland Station, she gets off the train and asks another cast member the same dumb question with the same answer. So she gets on the train again, and the train leaves Frontierland. Once the train reached the next station, Toontown Station (now Fantasyland Station), she gets off once again and asks. After she got the same answer, she was enraged and took her son with her to leave the park (which was funny, because the next stop was to Main Street Station, the entrance of the park). I rolled my eyes and a cast member saw me and replied "You know what I call these people? Tourons. Half morons and half tourists." I couldn't help but laugh.

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The Home Video Story


There are lots of moments in my family's home videos in which funny things happen, but the one that stands out to me is this one: I was two years old and standing on a chair in my room in order to look out of the window.  My sister, who was around one year old, was playing right below me.  Suddenly, she fell down and started crying.  My dad, who was recording us, started to move over to her to help her.  I reached down to help her up as well, but as I tried to help her up, I lost my balance and fell off of the chair.  For some reason, this became one of my family's favorite home videos to watch, and, even though this was only a short part of a much longer home video, it was actually known in our family for a while as the video where I fell off the chair.


The Bird in the Movie Theatre Story


I also have a lot of funny stories about working at a movie theatre, but this is the one that stands out to me the most: One of the assistant managers at the theatre told me that a bird had gotten into the compact room and told me to chase it out.  Now the door to the compact room automatically locked when it closed, so we had been told to keep it propped open when we entered it, otherwise we would have to walk out the back doors and walk all the way around the back of the theatre and back to the main entrance in order to get back in.  Because of this, I kept the door propped open as I tried to chase the bird out of the back doors.  That was a mistake.  The bird got into the back hall, which is huge, and I nervously went to tell the assistant manager what had happened.  As soon as I told her, I went back into the back hall with all of the managers and assistant managers who were working at the time, and we all tried to chase the bird out of the back doors.  We eventually got it out somehow, but it took an army of movie theatre workers to do so.

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