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  1. I have total faith we will still get a 2018 release... However I would love to see the shit storm if they did push it back to 2019. On your reveal idea, I think it would be pretty awesome if that happened!
  2. I was working night shift in a factory while I was on summer break from University. Looked at my phone on my lunch and saw a KH trailer and thought "Man, this wont be KH3". Little did I know eh. But yeah I'm sure i shrieked in excitement and made my colleagues jump. I then went home after my shift at 6AM and woke my sister up to tell her the news. Good times.
  3. Just the other day I saw a bus with a Deadpool movie poster on the side... The first Deadpool movie... I do however live in the middle of nowhere in Britain!
  4. I'm 24 and a secondary school teacher and the kids think I'm awesome because I'm so different from their other teachers. Im very open with telling them I collect figures, watch Anime, play games, they even love the fact I have a Pokemon Tattoo. Honestly just do whatever makes you happy. There's nothing more annoying than being told to 'Grow up'. Why be the same old generic person when you can be something and someone completely different. I constantly push this at the school and i'm happy to say that the kids I teach have finally started viewing stuff 'out of the norm' to be totally awesome! That's why I love my job Just do what makes you happy, who cares what other people think!
  5. What if Nomura trolls us and does a Muppets Treasure Island world instead of Treasure Planet? Don't even think i'd be mad :biggrin:
  6. Ooo no spoilers! I'm currently only watching the dub because I get distracted watching Subs!! I think im on Episode 9!!
  7. I gotta say I think Attack on Titan is currently my favourite anime! The cliffhangers are insane!!
  8. Looking forward is a lot more difficult than looking back. Life unfortunately has it's ups and downs but you'll come to a point where you'll look back on all the shit that's going on in your life now and will appreciate what you have then so much more. Things might look bleak now but it'll get better Good luck and keep fighting!
  9. Being from the UK, people religiously LOVE this show. Rodney never fails to make me laugh!
  10. The Wrong Trousers. Even though as a child I used to be truly TERRIFIED of the penguin. Literally used to make me cry :tongue: Was sad to hear about Peter Sallis, Wallace always reminded me of my Grandad (Equally as obliviously British)!
  11. Queen Epic video by the way dude! Goosebumps is an understatement!
  12. I'm willing to bet money that we'll get a release window. 'Winter 2018' I'm going to guess. I would honestly be over the moon if we only get a graphic showing the KH3 logo and a transition to show the release window. But i think we are going to at least get a mini trailer of a world reveal... I don't see it being a full fledged trailer though!
  13. For some reason I thought this thread was going to be a comparison of what Gladius' trial was compared to what Goofys will be in KH3 :lol:
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