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The Anime Extended Universe. (Based upon the DC Extended Universe.).

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Films set in the Anime Extended Universe:


Dragon Ball. (Based after Man of Steel.).


One Piece x Dragon Ball: Cross Epoch. (Based after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.).


Fairy Tail. (Based after Suicide Squad.).


Sailor Moon. (Based after Wonder Woman.).


Anime League/Dream 9. (Based after Justice League.).


The member roster for the Anime League is the following:


I-Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece.


II-Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon.


III-Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto.


IV-Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.


V-Toriko from Toriko.


VI-Son Goku from Dragon Ball.


Bleach. (Based after Aquaman.).


One-Punch Man. (Based after Shazam.).


Sailor Moon 2. (Based after Wonder Woman 2.).


Toriko. (Based after Cyborg.).


Attack on Titan. (Based after Green Lantern Corps.).


Cutie Honey. (Based after Batgirl.).


One Piece. (Based after The Batman.).


Hellsing. (Based after Black Adam.).


Naruto. (Based after Flashpoint.).


Dirty Pair. (Based after Gotham City Sirens.).


Anime League Dark/Dream 9 Dark. (Based after Justice League Dark.).


Trigun. (Based after Nightwing.).


Fairy Tail 2. (Based after Suicide Squad 2.).


(What does everyone think of these ideas? although they are based upon the DC Extended Universe but in terms of storytelling, they are more akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, know what i mean?).

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Who's who?


Goku is Superman, Luffy is Batman, Sailor Moon is Wonder Woman, Naruto is The Flash, Ichigo is Aquaman and Toriko is Cyborg.


I chose this member roster of Manga/Anime heroes because they are the most popular in the Manga/Anime world, i know that Toriko is not, as popular, as everyone else but because he was held in high regard, as both Goku and Luffy, i decided to have Toriko take on Cyborg's place within the Anime League, even though she is not from Weekly Shonen Jump, Sailor Moon is basically considered the very 1st Manga/Anime super-heroine and so, like Wonder Woman, she serves in a way, as a role model to other female heroines, thus she takes on Wonder Woman's place, the other four heroes were chosen because they are the big four of the Manga/Anime world, know what i mean? so yeah, what does everyone think of the member roster?

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This is a pretty legit idea! It sounds like something that'd make for some great entertainment!


Yeah, i was against including the Aquaman equivalent to the film roster before but i decided to add it now after receiving your praise :].

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