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What would you add to/change about UX?

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Based on a similar post on KHInsider by user FudgemintGuardian:


Here’s my list.



-Dream Eaters to pet, just like you said! I’d also include the Nightmare versions as enemies.

-Any kind of Coco-themed medal

-Any kind of FFXV-themed medal

-More animal varieties for your pets.

-Some new story info foreshadowing Ven’s and Lauriam’s entrance into the modern timeline from the Chi timeline.

-Some actual uses for munny.



-Brain’s name to Blaine (just because the Japanese don’t use ‘L’ doesn’t mean it’s not there).

-Make a proper multiplayer (like co-op story mode or a battle royals mode in the Coliseum).

-Make the worlds how they were in previous games, sans 358/2 Days (the stories of each world should not be broken up into missions).

-Increase the rate of pulling good medals (especially the EX ones).

-Create a new field theme for Castle of Dreams (if Square can’t use “Bippidi Boppidi Boo”, they shouldn’t have to at least use a dang cutscene theme).

-Have Raid Bosses not kill you in one hit (at least depending on your level compared to theirs).

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For changes, I'd go for:

  • Making pulls easier. I mean, obviously, the whole thing about pulls is so that we waste our Jewels so that we then have no choice but to buy Jewels so we can fuel Square's pockets, lol. xD Frankly, I haven't had to worry about that, since I haven't paid a dime for anything in the game since day one! But anyways, medal pulls! I tried pulling for Invi when the Foreteller Deal returned, but I didn't end up having Invi at all! And well, making pulls easier would at least give players more of a fair chance of obtaining any given medal that's being promoted in any given deal, ya know?
  • The chat system. Like, I can only write up to a certain amount of words before I'm cut off, therefore forcing me to write otherwise big texts in small segments just so I can be able to say what I wanna say. I'd like that to change!
  • Make a special quest section focused on Fantasia Mickey B's! I mean, at least now we're getting some more often, but I'd like something along the lines of the Daily Cid medal missions, so that way, we can have easy access to Fantasia Mickey B's so we can guilt our medal collection easier!
  • More customizable clothing! I'd like a more in depth version of character customization. I'm sure it wouldn't be something difficult to pull off, ya know?

For additions, I'd go for:

  • Putting something like the Ansem Reports into the story mode! That way, whenever we get to a certain part of the story, we get a report, either written by Luxu or the Master Of Masters! It'd be interesting, as we'd get to know a bit more about the intentions of whoever writes those reports! It'd be neat to have MoM reports integrated into UX's story!
  • Add more music! It would be awesome if Yoko Shimomura could be able to diversify UX's soundtrack and offer up new tunes! Not that I don't love the tunes we already have, but I want to hear something new for this game, ya know?
  • A Treasure Planet or Atlantis medal deal! That way, it would tease the potential of either of these two films making it as worlds into Kingdom Hearts III! I'd love that! <3
  • A journal! Every Kingdom Hearts game has had a journal/report section, and it's odd that UX doesn't have that! I'd like for this to be implemented so we can have records of the journey we've had so far, and like the journals in previous games, have them with info on the various Disney characters and all the enemies one encounters!

Other than that, everything else with the game is perfectly fine!

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That's actually a nice topic since it doesn't focus on the differences between global and JP but more the general game.


Add to:

- Something that will never happen but with the expanding pool it would be nice to have a trade option for medals,at least within the party. But they would lose money if they did that <_<.

- I'd like to see more diverse events and not only the same things every single week. To be honest, it's getting a little dull to defeat raid boss after raid boss and boss after boss in multiplayer. It's just tedious grinding most of the time, not even much of challenge and I feel like it's just to keep players busy. Why not make more of those quiz style quests they have in JP occasionally? Or something like "defeat only this type of Heartless". Or add at least a few bonus stories to the quests. It doesn't have to plot relevant, just a few nice encounters maybe, the player making friends, etc.

- I'd like medals or campaigns which offer specific traits. My trait luck is utterly terrible and borders on being a cosmic joke. It's already hard enough to get certain medals and when you get stuck getting 2x +800HP on Ira (like I was so graciously offered), it feels like a slap in the face. Either make medals similar to Scrooge, I don't know, like a new Yen Sid medal or something, or offer them during special occasions where we, for example, can only get attack traits.

- More costumes based on original and FF characters. I think a lot of us want that and it shouldn't be too difficult to add them.




- Change the avatar part layout. I want to be able to equip wings and attach balloons to my behind as I please. It doesn't make sense thwt I can't equip those two when they're clearly fastened on different parts of my avatar. Meanwhile, it is possible to overlay three head ornaments.

I'd also like more combination varieties where I can combine the pants of one outfit with another.

- Ability to choose the eye color based on preference and not linked to the expression.

- Remove the timed quests. It's not because I just hate them but because they're often difficult to handle for people with older phones. I'm frequently lagging when the quests contain a lot of enemies that it's a miracle to make it.

- More story quests. I know KHUX will continue beyond KH3 but the pacing is atrocious. The game has been out for over 2 years (even more when you count the original) and we barely know anything at all. Then the title changes often and they always hint there's a difference between the X and Unchained X but never explicitly say what it is. Another thing which bothers me is that the player is so disconnected from the new Union leaders because that plays after the Keyblade War and a lot of what the player experiences happens before. I feel there should be a clearer connection soon or they should have just made the story of the new leaders a separate game for console.

- Tier 2 medals should be added to drops from proud quests or something and removed from the draws. Let's be honest, most of them have outlived their purpose and if you pay 15 bucks for one pull or save up a week, it's frustrating to get 9 tier 2s. I already have all of them fully guilted and with tier 4s becoming useless too except for Phil Cups, which there was only one of so far, it's better to add those to the general pool along with the tier 3s.

- If medals from JP cannot be used due to some strange copyright issues,they should simply change the image and name of the medal and not lock any access to those medals. Phil Cup was infinitely harder without the tier 3 copycat medals Japan got just becauwe they featured The Nightmare Before Christmas. If there's a problem, JP should either not use medals which could be problematic for global or global needs to change picture and name but still have the same ability.

- AB3 and DB3 should become new coliseum rewards. I hardly have uses anymore for skills like AB2 and DB2 except for certain quest objectives and they're clogging my inventory so much that I put some of them on random medals. We already have AB5, why make such a huge deal of distributing AB3 more?

- I want to back up my account to Twitter too... I really dislike facebook.

- Brain is an issue but it is technically a correct translation. To be honest, I would have also preferred Blaine but maybe there's something SE knows that we don't. Like him having a Nobody with a set name where Blaine would not work out. Don't forget that this was an unofficial translation and there are several possibilities to translate his name. The fans just went with what was a common name.

- Please add more original storylines to the Disney World. I really enjoy the movies but having to play them over and over again is really boring.


If there's anything else, I'll add that later. For now, that's all.

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