At which event could we see KH3 next?

At which event could we see KH3 next?  

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  1. 1. At which event could we see KH3 next?

    • Gamescom
    • Tokyo Game Show
    • Paris Games Week
    • PSX
    • Jump Festa
    • Another digital Square Enix event
    • No event, just trailers
    • Somewhere else? Share below!

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After E3 2018 are come to an end, I choose that Tokyo Game Show 2018 event TO see another new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3!


But only, because it was Gamescom 2018 for another new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 first and reveal MORE new worlds, including Narnia World as "the Land of Narnia", based on the movie, "The Chronicles of Narnia film saga", even Xenosaga World with the cast of Xenosaga trilogy, including Shion, MOMO and his friends!


Psych! Just kidding! Unless, it's only a scrapped!


And then, they were Tokyo Game Show 2018 event and Jump Festa 2019 event as more NEW trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 and all thanks to Nomura Tetsuya!


And besides, "Kingdom Hearts 3" is Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, January 29th, 2019!


And therefore, "Kingdom Hearts 3" IS the final epic conclusions of the Kingdom Hearts saga and "The Dark Seeker Saga" has came to an end, because of Sora's Final Journey has begun!


So, I heard you about the news information for Kingdom Hearts Timeline and Kingdom Hearts 3! And I want to see it first!!


And I heard to hear it First about a new songs of Japanese and English version, "Don't Think Twice" by Utada Hikaru.


Right, Ventus_, members and everyone? Good Luck! And Happy Father's Day!

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I dont care if i have to wait in line for 4 hours if its at gamescom

Same here. There are a lot of games I wouldn't do it for because the waiting is sometimes horrendous, but definitely for KH3. Though I doubt it'll be the place for KH3 news. I don't think there were ever any Kingdom Hearts related news in the past few years. While FFXV did receive a new trailer right before release, I'm not sure about KH getting the same treatment. Gamescom may be a big event, but well...


Then again, Paris Games Week also did not have much of a history with KH news and got quite the amazing reveal, so who knows what they've got in store?

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I'm really hoping they start the heavy marketing really soon. They did say they were gonna announce every world before release anyway so they gotta have some trailers at events. I think Tokyo Game show will have one and most likely Jump Fiesta, hopefully some other events have a surprise.

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