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The Transcendent Key

Will The Teen Titans Return?

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Hey there everyone, how's it going? So then, I assume that many of you are familiar with the original Teen Titans cartoon that aired from 2003 through 2006, am I right? Well, we love this show, and we were all bummed out when the show was cancelled back then, and we never got a proper final season to conclude things! True, we got Trouble In Tokyo, the film that served as the ending to the series, but we still all craved one final season! And it seems we might get that! Key word: might!


Here I, The Friendly Neighborhood Webhead, discuss upon the prospect of possibly having the Titans return to us for one more season! Here's hoping! Enjoy the video! :D



I seriously hope they return! X_X

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It's been heavily hinted at in the past, and all but confirmed.  The most recent was the end of the Teen Titans GO! movie, where they had a short clip partway through the credits where the original Teen Titans appeared and said they'll be back.

Yes, I was informed of that via a YouTube video, and it caught me by total surprise! This time the tease was too good and way too suspicious, so I'm hoping this is what sets in motion the Season 6 we've been waiting for! :D



Eh, I'm sure DC won't bring back Teen Titans without begging the fans to see the TTG movie and asking for money they don't really need.



That is also something to keep in mind! We have been waiting for a long time, and we've been trolled often! X3



I an age were everything gets a reboot I will make a wild guess and say yes



Technically it wouldn't be a reboot, it'd just be Season 6 of the original show, ya know?



They better. I need that does of nostalgia.

Saaaame! Here's hoping for the best!

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