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The Identities of the Seekers in Scala ad Caelum (Speculation and Potential Spoilers)

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So, as I was writing my theory on the significance of the Lone Sora Chess Piece scene, something occurred to me about the final scene of the Final Battle trailer.

Those figures look awfully identical, right? You would think, that since the 13 Vessels have a fragment of Xehanort's heart, they would each be of different sizes and lengths, yes? But they're not.

And here is what I believe... I believe that those figures are actually


Replicas of Xehanort.

If that is very much true, then some things that we've seen start making absolute sense.

First of all, Vexen's introduction to the True Organization XIII.

Now, I personally am unsure as to whether or not he's truly loyal to the Organization. Perhaps he's the one Demyx is carrying in that one bit where he appears to Ienzo in the TGS trailer? Regardless, Xehanort would want him in his group for one reason, and one reason only: The Replica Program.

Vexen crafted two Replicas who went to greatly form a sense of self: Xion and the Riku Replica. Doubtless, the old Organization was really invested in what could be done with it, but then of course Axel destroyed him. They couldn't go further.

But with Vexen now in their ranks, he can do just that. Maybe that's how the other Riku shows up? He recreates it.

However, if they all do have fragments of Xehanort's heart in them, then it could potentially be possible that he could see what's in their minds, and can therefore make their knowledge his.It is then potentially possible that he can make his own Replicas of himself if he doesn't already have Vexen doing it for him.

And why would he do that? Because, to quote MoM, he's always thinkin' and thinkin' underneath that bald, veiny head of his.

Xehanort is known as a master planner and tactician, so it would make sense for him to have a backup plan should this new Organization fail him. And why wouldn't he?

Recall that Xemnas admitted that Ansem's apprentices' original experiments with the Heartless were attempts to control the mind, and make it renounce its sense of self. And yet, despite him having 13 Seekers of Darkness, they are still rather individualistic.

Examples: Xigbar still kinda antagonizes Xehanort (i.e. What now, you old coot?!")

Saix still going to talk to Lea in Twilight Town, even after they've established their sides, instead probably focusing on starting the Keyblade War.

Vanitas still wanting to merge with Ventus, even after having been told that becoming the X-Blade will make him whole, meaning he probably no longer believes that. 

And the fact that they still don't probably know the full extent of Xehanort's plans, though this was as off Re:coded, and might have changed by the time of KHIII.

The bottom line is that they still retain their sense of self, and not on the level Terra-Xehanort was (though MX sent his full heart into him, but there should still be signs that his presence should be within them beside the physical yellow eyes and pointy ears.)

Overall, Xehanort making Replicas to replace the True Organization should they fail is totally a valid thing he would do. It's in his character, and he would be more than willing to do it.

Another hint is that in the beginning of the Final Battle trailer, we see multiple No Names floating behind him when he summons Kingdom Hearts. It made me recall that there was two Kingdom Keys present at the same time, when Roxas and Xion still existed. It would make sense that the Replicas all have copies of the No Name. (Though I'm still hoping all of the True Organization XIII members get their own Keyblades in KHIII.)

Overall, this is all still speculation on my part... but I'm honestly convinced that this is what will likely be as to who those figures are.

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