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Potential answer to a mystery in the Secret Ending!

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We all know how the way to enter in the world of a virtual reality (like Tron's Space Paranoids) or a datascape in possible in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Well, based on this, I think I discovered a secret from the Secret Ending.   

The presence of Yozora in the Secret Ending is really suspictious, mainly because he's supposed to be just a character from a videogame in the world of Toy Story. Yet, somehow, Riku appears in what appears to be his world. How? Well, if he comes from a videogame, maybe Riku is inside the same videogame. Remember, Wreck-It Ralph has already appeared inside the universe of Kingdom Hearts, which means his appearance in the future could be the key for this mystery. In his first movie, we could see one of the games in the Game Station was Tron. Now, if Verum Rex appears in this game station and Sora or Riku goes to Wreck-It Ralph's world, he could certainly end up in this world. Doesn't sound logical?

What do you think?

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Well, you might call it "simple", but I believe is a way of not turning ourselves insane looking for complicated and crazy theories.   


Bringing back Roxas and the others was going to be very difficult, but I saw the answer to this puzzle from the very beginning: Replicas. Master Xehanort would use them to create his 13 Darknesses because... Why to waste effort in stealing somebody's body when you can get one without a mind of its own to compete for control? And since Replicas are like clones, it was the perfect way to bring back all the allies who doesn't have their own body: Roxas, Namine and Xion. Even if the story is complicated, we must find the most logical solution, no matter if it sounds too easy. (It's like the Gordian Knot of Alexander the Great).


On 2/18/2019 at 11:25 PM, KeybladeMasterBalo said:

Ummm... I guess your theory is good and all... it even checks with seeing

  SPOILERS: Click to reveal

station 104 as well... but... doesn't that sound too simple for the secret ending to be hinting to just that? 


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could very well be but i cant help but think that yozora might be quire a large character in the next saga (a new enemy or ally?) but theres no reason he couldnt have some how left the game, who knows sora being thrown into briefly might have had some effect


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