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*Spoilers* KH3 Chat

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KH as a series has yet to reach the level of Showdown at Hollow Bastion

And to think, If KH2 was structured like KH3 Sora would have seen the start of the battle and then been whisked off

Hmm yeah, it is pretty epic, But Hollow Bastion felt less lonely if you see what I mean

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i was rushing soradab

soracry it is for me

I mean yeah, sure KH3 lacked a midpoint

But it had to have decent original worlds and plotlines to achieve this level in the first place

Well, let's pull back a bit

Land of Departure would have been the perfect setting for something like this

But KH2 was really nicely put together, because HB was the first place Sora visits and it's established that its got a heartless infestation

Idk if the LoD could have a similar role

Hmm me too

Well for instance it's still CO at that point

It's still a previous base of operations

Perhaps when Riku and mickey have their replica eureka moment they go to CO to see if they can find more

Ahhh have faith, have faith

And y'know, Sora would obviously want to go too

Oh yeah, same

And then interviews came out saying it was TT

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