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oh wait what the hell

whats the difference between kh x and kh ux and kh unchained x

whats the difference between unchained x and khx

they look the same to me

wait im right now watching kh unchained x, union cross, dark road, and back cover in that order

does that cover me for everything lol

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ok so

khx is the original pc browser game. it's where that story basically starts. it goes up to the keyblade war, then it shifts to khux (unchained x) which takes place in a digital recreation of khx and therefore ends up retreading some of the same stuff. unchained x just sort of transitions into union cross (also ux), probably around the time you stop retreading the khx stuff iirc. back cover takes place during khx and just gives more info to what was happening behind the scenes of khx. finally, dark road is sort of a sequel since it takes place using the same phone app and also because it's next in the timeline (not counting missing link since it's not out yet), but also sort of its own thing where you don't have to know exactly what happened in khx/khux for the most part

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depends on where you're watching the cutscenes tbh. in the khux phone game, they eventually added permanent content that would let you experience the keyblade war stuff from khx, that way people wouldn't be stuck trying to go back to a game that had since shut down looking for important lore. so as long as you find those scenes, then yeah, you can probably skip khx without much issue

gotta hope the cutscene uploader also included the retreading stuff from khx, of course

i think everglow was who had uploaded them all, and damo279 is making an english dub (i think there's currently 2 parts out so far)

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Would be very convenient if squeenix just published a big marathon of all the important cutscenes

I’m currently watching this one cuz it’s the longest single video I could find

And then I’ll find back cover and dark road

I see everglow’s five hour video about Union x with explanations but idk if that covers unchained and x

Wait or is it this long playlist

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yall lore question

i get the final world right

its when heart and body die together and where you go right before you stop existing

cool cool cool

so whats quadratum

where u go afterward?

does everyone who dies naturally go to the final world and then quadratum

is xehanort in quadratum?

wait so if u die to a nobody in kh is sora just going to quadratum early

i think ive found the ultimate strat for kh speedrunning

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finished x, have no clue whats going on lmfao

i kinda do

i kinda dont

wtf does this master of masters guy want lmfao

luxu has no book but has the eye to write the book
gula has a book with the top secret tree house page in it???

so whats this about a traitor

why is maleficent here 😭

whats next joseph stalin shows up?

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