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ocean's rage

Pokemon Sword and Shield

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On 8/11/2019 at 4:39 AM, ocean's rage said:

well it kind of fits for a britain region we got lodes of delinquent youths, not sure if theyre predominantly punk rockers though

Hmm, most interesting!

On 8/11/2019 at 6:25 AM, jbmasta said:

Team Yell reminds me of football fans. Fanatically obsessed and actively against anyone who doesn't like their team. They could have had two antagonistic teams to reflect this, and it'd have made more sense than Team Aqua vs Team Magma in Hoenn. It could also offer a different angle in that while observers think they're just hooligans, they still cause trouble through their conflicts. To add some character depth to the player character, maybe the PC supports the opposite team who's antagonising everyone, and the more the player character achieves, the more they're harassed.

The way Team Yell fanatically support one of the rivals also puts me in mind of fandoms of pop stars. The kinds of fans who jealously desire to protect the object of their fascination, who show up in crowds with signs saying "marry me" and hate whoever is dating their beloved singer the person being dated isn't them.

Well, I hadn't thought of it that way! Still though, I just have a soft spot for the more world threatening and more serious groups in the series, Galactic and Plasma being my favorites!

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On 9/19/2019 at 12:58 PM, ocean's rage said:

anyone see that image of sirfetched with the keyblade, goofy's shield and donald's hat?

No, but I am sure it's cute just like the newest Ponyta revealed.

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