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Analysing the Attraction's system

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I have been analysing the whole Attraction system in Kingdom Hearts 3 to discover why people complain so much about it. I really like the Attraction system, but I think I know why people complain so much about it. I think it's because it mostly doesn't follow any "logic way". They almost appear anywhere and anywhen, when they should follow some easy patterns. Let's see:  
1º) Big Magic Mountain:   
+ This is surely the most powerful Attractions of all, but it only appears two times in the whole game. One to defeat a giant monster in a mountain (Rock Titan) at the Olympus and another one to defeat the 10000 enemies at the Keyblade Graveyard. I personally would have liked to see it a couple more things. For example, at Arendelle, as this is an attraction about a train that climbs a mountain, and Sora doesn't stop falling from the North Mountain during his time at Arendelle. And another one, again at Keyblade Graveyard, against the Demon Horde. (It would have had more sense than the Splash Run). Also, maybe during the battle against Armored Xehanort, instead of the Blaster Blaze. A rollescoaster could be useful when there's no way to when where's up and down on the battlefield.   
2º) Blaster Blaze:   
+ This is the attraction that appears more commonly, surely because it has three seats for Sora's team to ride it; along with Donald and Goofy.   
+ It appears on two kind of occassions mostly. First, when you are facing a giant enemy, so big that it's impossible to miss when you fire at it (like Tornado Titan or a Rock Troll). And the second one is when you are in a reduced place, limiting the moves of your enemies, and making it easy to fire at them. Like when you are in a hallway, a cave or a room. It also appears when you are facing enemies who attack your from distance, like Xigbar himself.   
+ Problem: It should not appear so frequently as it does. First, it should not appear until we are at Toy Box, since it's an attraction based on Toy Story itself. And second, there are some worlds where it shouldn't appear at all because the place doesn't fit for it to appear. Those worlds are the Olympus, Kingdom of Corona, Arendelle and the Caribbean.   
3º) Pirate Ship:   
+ This attraction appears mainly when you are in a place close to the sea; like the Caribbean (obviously), Arendelle (it has a port), or fighting Anti-Aqua at the Dark Beach. It also appears when its Water attacks can work for something, like the fires on Thebes.   
+ Problem: Personally, it shouldn't even appear until we reach the Caribbean; as this could be its "homeworld". It shouldn't appear either in some worlds where it would be completely "out of context", like Twilight Town and Monstropolis. Arendelle is a kingdom with a port, but it's really weird to see a Pirate Ship on the mountain. It would have more sense the Splash Run. (After all, snow IS water).   
4º) Splash Run:  
+ This is the attraction that appear the lessest times. It appears mainly everytime we are close to an area with water; like a river, a waterfall, a lake, or even the sea. It also appears when it abilities to attack with water can be useful; like to put out the fires at Monster Inc, or fighting a big Fire Monster.   
+ Problem: There are almost no problem with this attraction. Only it shouldn't appear until we are at the Kingdom of Corona, the world where it appear most of the times. And some fights where it appear, it shouldn't; like against the Demon Horde at the Keyblade Graveyard. Against the 10000 enemies, however, it can be very useful.   
5º) Magic Carousel:   
+ This attraction appears mainly when you are in a reduced place, usually round form, and you are literally surrounded by enemies. This is the situation when this attraction is the most useful.   
+ Problem: Not sure if there's a clear problem with this attraction.   
6º) Mad Tea Cup:  
+ This attraction appears at reduced areas, where the Tea Cups can collide to each other easily, and there are a great number of enemies to defeat.   
+ Problem: Not sure if there's a clear problem with this attraction.   
Well, what do you think of this?

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I actually somewhat like Blaster Blaze, Tea Cups and Pirate Ship. The other 3, not so much

I think the main problem for people is that attractions either make the gameplay too easy, and/or because they take you out of the normal gameplay loop and into a more simplified system. Rather than expanding/altering the combat system like a keyblade transform does, they put you into a completely different gameplay style. 

- Pirate Ship you just press a button repeatedly and spin around a bit

- Tea Cups is just bumping into enemies

- Blaster Blaze is more involved, with actual FPS mechanics (hence why it's my favourite)

- Big Magic Mountain is spamming shots

- Splash Run is like the tea cups, simply moving around

- Magic Carousel is very simple, just a timing minigame. I find it dull.


The simple gameplay combined with the power of these attractions turns them into a kinda "press triangle to win" situation, which might be people's problems with them. They are more "boring" than normal gameplay, but because of their strength people feel compelled to use them.

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12 hours ago, Darkfire1408 said:

I'm pretty sure, with the exception of big magic mountain, they appear completely randomly. 

Like I said, it may look they appear randomly, but there's actually some patterns. 

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