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                    Lazy Afternoons Rp

  • Canon
  • Twilight Town
  • Casual/City/School/Adventure
    • OCs are welcome
    • Final Fantasy Characters welcome
    • Lazy-Lit to Lit (all levels are welcome.)
    • Script style is also welcome
    • No word count (write as much as your mind comes up with)
    • Turn-based
    • Courtesy is a must
    • Plot or Improvise

Current Events:
-Struggle Worlds Championship
the gateways to the worlds are open, so people from all over the multiverse visit Twilight Town and its 7 wonders. The Town holds an annual Worlds Championship for their traditional sport, Struggle. As a celebration of Peace and Unity to the other worlds.

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Name: Kross Deluxia

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Home: Radiant Garden

Description: Kross is a burly guy, standing 6'2 and weighing about 220 lbs, clearly almost all muscle. Kross doesn't really speak much due to a difficult childhood he had after both his parents passed away when he was only 8. Afterwards, Kross and his little sister, Janine, had to look out for themselves. During this time, Kross decided to bulk up and learn basic fighting moves to help defend his sister when and if the time ever came. He's very protective of her and will do almost anything for her. With the struggle games coming up, Kross sees this as a way to possibly make some money for him and Janine, and, if nothing else, get the trophy and see if he can make a buck on it.


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