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Kaeya is beautiful and I’m crying.

I love him ur honor.

I live Khaenri’ah.

The Chasm event hurts every time.

I totally forgot, but my in game name is Aeolus bc it felt strange having everyone in game call me Wynd.

It’s my name yes, but it’s so strange.

I cant be saved.

Genshin has an iron grip on me.

It never left.

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So someone got the game early of Crisis Core reunion and I am seeing some of the scenes

It's definitely a remaster with the way it's done

The custcenes haven't been remade much other than the character model and enviroment update

The animation and such is still stale

Stale might be the wrong word, it's still decent. Just not as dynamic as the CG ones

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the PSP version had a few "pre-rendered in-engine cutscenes"
Reunion thankfuIIy updated those to fit the new Iook as weII

they're stiII video fiIes for some reason
and the engIish one is using the japanese Iip sync

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